The end of the year can be a busy time for many Vancouver offices. Tying up loose ends, completing projects, getting organized, and planning corporate holiday parties and events can leave little time for anything else. Cleaning can get put on the back-burner and cause an even bigger mess. Healthy office cleaning habits can help maintain employee morale and boost productivity at the end of the year. Here are some of the top office cleaning tips we recommend.

De-Clutter Regularly

Minimalism is an effective way of life, and shouldn’t be confined to living spaces only. Getting rid of old paperwork, notebooks, and used office supplies that no longer serve a purpose is beneficial for reducing distractions and creating more efficiency. Prevent lost items by de-cluttering on a regular basis. This will reduce future stress, create a more professional image, and allow for a healthier workplace.

Create An Office Hygiene Policy

A thorough office hygiene policy should include personal hygiene and office hygiene. Personal hygiene includes covering your face when sneezing or coughing, frequent hand washing, and cleaning up after use. Office hygiene includes keeping dishes out of the office kitchen sink, disposing of waste correctly, cleaning up after spills, and keeping bathrooms tidy and free of debris.

Spot Clean After Spills

Offices with carpets require extra care to prevent stains, rips, tears, and other permanent damage. Spot cleaning is the best way to preserve office carpets, and prevent stains from penetrating deeply.

Encourage Employees to Clean Their Personal Workspace

Personal workspaces give employees privacy, a space to focus, and create a sense of belonging. They are beneficial for creating a healthy workplace culture. Personal workspaces can negatively impact your businesses professionalism and brand image. Ensure your office is always presentable by discouraging employees from having dirty dishes or clutter on their desks.

Schedule Quarterly Office Deep Cleans

Deep cleans are necessary for creating a healthy working environment, reducing allergies and illness, and minimizing the need for repairs or replacement. Office deep clean tasks include office carpet cleaning, commercial window cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, high surface dusting, upholstery cleaning, and office sanitization.

Keep the Office Fridge Organized

Office fridges are located in high traffic areas and are full of germs, bacteria, and mould. It is important to remove old food, beverages, and condiments from your office fridge on a daily basis, and have your office cleaners do an interior and exterior office fridge deep clean weekly to prevent illness, rodents, and pests.

Sort Garbage, Compost & Recycling

Ensuring proper sorting of garbage, compost, and recycling creates for a cleaner workplace, and makes cleaning easier and more efficient.

Revisit Your Office Cleaning Schedule

It is beneficial to revisit your office cleaning schedule each year to ensure it meets your cleaning needs and personal preferences. Company growth, the addition of amenities, a renovation, or an office move can affect cleaning quality.

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