A Clean Office is a Productive Office

Every business is unique and has its own unique cleaning needs. But one thing they all have in common is the need for tidiness and cleanliness. This may affect your business in ways you hadn’t considered. Keeping a clean office may even affect your bottom line. Consider how keeping a clean workplace can affect and even encourage a culture of professionalism, increase productivity, and clutter-free thinking. Even the air quality affects us.

There is no denying that a clean office makes a good impression. Regular office cleaning is important. People make subliminal decisions about the world around them; if your business is run like a tight ship, that implies that it will affect your prospect’s business.

It also follows that, although there are a large number of office cleaning services in Vancouver, BC, they don’t all operate and perform at the same professional level. Outsourcing the right commercial cleaning company is critical. Ensure that they understand that it isn’t only about knowing how to clean; it is also about knowing what makes a good working environment and making the right impression on your clients. Also, our team will be very aware of your schedule and the impact of their work on your business.

How is Clean Green Solutions Different?

Clean Green Solutions is a downtown Vancouver office cleaning company that offers eco office cleaning. Clean Green Solutions has based its service on using green cleaning and eco-friendly products. We believe strongly that this is the only right way to clean. And be assured we get things spotless and sanitized. This includes office kitchen cleaning and office restroom cleaning.

Whether carpets, floors, or bathrooms, our methods assure a safe environment for staff and visitors. Our customers are glad that we’re on the job maintaining a clean workplace and also a safe one. They are delighted that we are on the job during these difficult times. We follow a standard that requires us to use eco-friendly cleaning products in our equipment and all of our cleaning solutions.

Deep cleaning services

We Use Eco-Safe Equipment and More:

1) Recyclable containers

2) Microfiber cleaning applicators

3) Compliant dispensing systems

Our methods are proven safe for you to work in and our environment to thrive in.

But cleaning solutions are only as good as those doing the cleaning. Our professional staff is thorough, friendly, and works quickly. We’ll do our job during the most convenient time and show respect for your space. You’ll notice the difference right away, both in the level of cleaning and in the people cleaning.

We can work with you to determine how to address all of your office space’s unique qualities and tailor our service to your specific requirements. We are confident that you’ll recognize that we are the right choice once you compare our service to others in Vancouver.

Office Cleaning in BC – Deep Cleaning

Why hire a professional office cleaning company for deep cleaning? it’s important for any workspace to get a comprehensive deep cleaning at least twice a year. Although regular cleaning services keep most everyday dirt and germs on all visible surfaces under control, the build-up of bacteria, dust, and grime tends to quickly accumulate in all neglected areas. Clean Green Solutions can help you identify all trouble spots and come up with an excellent office cleaning strategy to help keep your space safe and healthy!

Call Clean Green Solutions in BC

Give Clean Green Solutions a call and a chance to show you the difference. We’ll schedule a free walk-through of your office space and offer you a free estimate. We’ll set up a time to come in that works for you. We’re always on time and always reliable. Everyone will notice and appreciate the difference.

Cyrielle LeonCyrielle Leon
17:17 24 Aug 21
Joe and his team were the best. They provided a free (and in person) quote. They accommodated our tight timeline. They showed up right on time. They were so polite. And the service itself was amazing. Our entire office was left spotless and pristine clean. Highly recommend Clean Green Solutions. Absolute professionals.
Helena YepesHelena Yepes
17:29 03 Aug 21
Highly recommend Clean Green Solutions. Very professional, pleasant and the work they did was outstanding. Very impressive! Will definitely hire them again.
If you work in an office or operate your company out of another Commercialized Property Unit, here in Vancouver, British Columbia, and you want your employees, co-workers and clients to feel comfortable, confident, and safe returning to a clean and sanitized workplace, than I strongly recommend contacting Clean Green Solutions for all of your professional cleaning solutions!They are the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!
Reece WReece W
21:30 28 May 20
We used Clean Green for our mixed use building (public space and offices) and we were very pleased. Very competitive price, very pleasant to deal with and good cleaning. We would certainly use them again.
Raisa WilsonRaisa Wilson
15:50 09 Mar 20
Highly recommend Clean Green Solutions! Our carpets have never looked better and it was such a seamless process.
Isobella GoldinIsobella Goldin
23:15 01 Aug 19
Definitely happy with the service received from Clean Green Solutions. Owners Dave & Joe were easy to communicate with throughout the whole process. From the free (in-person!) estimate through to the cleaning, the whole thing took only 1 week in total. Would recommend!
Linda McLeodLinda McLeod
22:11 30 Jul 19
Clean Green stripped and waxed our warehouse that was previously occupied by a marine repair shop. The floor was exceptionally dirty and stained and it looks almost brand new now. Extraordinary. I can't recommend them more highly. Exemplary workmanship.
Tianna MascarenhasTianna Mascarenhas
01:41 28 Jun 19
Joseph, Chandra, and the team take such good care of us every month - they are reliable, precise, and very flexible. Whether it's cleaning carpet, vinyl, or glass, I know I can rely on their team to get the job done. They're very attentive of our concerns and know just how to address them. Excellent customer service!