Good hygiene is necessary for preventing illness, reducing sick days, boosting productivity, and creating a positive first impression for job candidates and guests. Here are some tips for promoting cleanliness in the workplace.

Implement a Hygiene Policy

Set the bar high with a thorough hygiene policy. The policy should be in writing and shared with all employees. It should include things like personal hygiene, cleanliness of personal desk space, bathroom cleanliness, and kitchen cleanliness. Everyone, even high-level staff, should enforce this policy.

Encourage Cleaning Up After Use

It is crucial for all employees to work together to clean up after use since workplaces are shared spaces. This rule should apply to personal desk space, office kitchens, and office bathrooms. Some examples of cleaning up after use include prohibiting dirty dishes from being left in the sink, throwing out old food, replacing toilet paper when empty, and wiping bathroom counters when wet.

Reduce the Amount of Clutter in Personal Spaces

Cleaning personal desk space at the end of each day prevents important items/documents from getting lost, and sets the tone for productivity. Don’t forget to include a policy on dirty dishes. This policy can prevent unwanted insects and pests and reduce bacteria from building up.

Provide Easily Accessible Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies should be easily accessible for employee use. Hand sanitizer, multi-purpose cleaner, disinfectant wipes, and paper towels are some of the best cleaning products to have around the office. They prevent the spread of illness and promote good hygiene. Eco-friendly cleaning products are ideal to have around the office, as they are safe to use on all surfaces and are less harmful to humans and pets.

Keep Bathrooms Tidy

Office bathrooms can create a negative first impression without proper maintenance and upkeep. Wet countertops, overflowing garbage, slippery floors, and empty soap dispensers can make a business appear unprofessional. Set a great first impression by having staff tidy up after use. Daily office cleaning services are a great addition.

Hire a Vancouver Office Cleaning Company

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