An office fridge is a convenient place to put your lunch during the day, but it often gets neglected when it comes to cleaning. Without regular maintenance, an office fridge can be susceptible to unpleasant odours, sticky messes, and create an environment for bacteria to thrive. To make matters worse, a dirty fridge could lead to an influx in rodents. Prevent unnecessary stress by hiring a Vancouver office cleaning company to clean your office fridge on a weekly basis. In between fridge deep cleans, it is necessary to use deodorizers, wipe fridge shelves and doors, and wipe down unused condiments and other items that stay in the fridge. Here are some tips to help keep the office fridge clean.




Baking soda is a good deodorizer for neutralizing strong, lingering odours in the fridge. This versatile, natural cleaner works exceptionally well when paired with lemon juice and vinegar. Both lemon and vinegar have antibacterial properties, which make them a good natural all-purpose cleaner.


Dispose Old Food


Although it is a pain to sort through the office fridge, it is crucial for reducing bad odours and preventing rodents. Doing so can also prevent employees from getting food poisoning from stale food items. Sort through the fridge and throw out old food, beverages, and condiments on a regular basis. When it doubt, always follow the expiry dates on labels.


Wipe Surfaces


This includes the interior and exterior of the fridge, as well as items that remain in the fridge for long periods of time. To prevent sticky messes and spills, condiments bottles, jars, and containers should be wiped down after use. Because an office fridge is shared, sanitizing is also beneficial for preventing illness.


Lingering Odours


Besides baking soda, coffee beans and vanilla extract can be highly effective for removing lingering odours in an office fridge. This can be done by placing coffee beans or a soaked cotton ball in vanilla extract in a small bowl on the top shelf of the fridge. Replace the coffee beans or cotton ball every every 3-5 days for best results.


Hire Office Cleaners


It can be relatively easy to maintain an office fridge from day to day, but deep cleans require office cleaners. Professional office cleaners have the knowledge and time to ensure an office fridge is clean and smells fresh.

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