Office carpet cleaning

Vancouver Office Carpet Cleaners

Carpets take up a huge amount of space in most offices. They also take the most abuse by constantly being exposed to dirt and grime. The more carpet, the more opportunity for odour and bacteria to become embedded! It’s why they have such an impact on the subtle, overall impression a workspace gives off.

Why Is Office Carpet Cleaning Important?

Carpets can often be the first thing a customer sees and when your carpets aren’t getting the proper maintenance they need, your customers will notice. Few things can turn off a potential client more than a dull, dirty carpet with the ghosts of coffee spills all over the place. Proper carpet cleaning for offices isn’t just about customers either. When things like carpets aren’t being maintained, staff can also start to notice. Like with any aspect of office hygiene, morale and productivity can suffer when employees are working in an office that isn’t clean.

Keep Your Carpets Clean!

Keeping your office carpets fresh and clean can also help cut back on sick days during flu or allergy season by reducing airborne bacteria and allergens. Office and commercial carpet cleaning in Vancouver is also especially important! The huge amounts of rainfall mean that office carpets are exposed to a higher degree of moisture and tracking than in less damp environments. When carpets aren’t getting regular maintenance, they’re at a greater risk for issues with mould and other bacteria.

The other important reason for professional carpet cleaning in your office or commercial space is to ensure that you’re maximizing the lifespan of your carpet.

“When it comes to an overall impression of cleanliness in an office or commercial space, carpets might be the most important aspect.”

Clean Green Solutions Team

The good news is we’ve got everything you need to make sure you get the most out of your carpets. Clean Green Solutions is the first choice for corporate carpet cleaning in Vancouver. We have experience with carpets in all types of commercial spaces and offices and the best part is that we do it all in an eco-friendly way that fits Vancouver like a glove! We only use eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions that are safe for your customers and staff, an important consideration with something that takes up as much space in your office as carpets do.

Some companies use harsh chemicals to remove stains and save time or money. These can be harmful when they become airborne or in contact with skin.

Pet friendly office carpet cleaning

Pet-Friendly Office Cleaning

If you have a pet-friendly office, it’s an even more important consideration. We’ll identify stains and high traffic areas, which are then pre-treated and thoroughly scrubbed. After that, highly effective hot water extraction machines are used to clean the entire carpet. For carpets that are extremely dirty, we’ll use a powerful bonnet scrubber to loosen the toughest of stains. We have specialized eco-friendly solutions for anything from coffee to wine to pet stains! Clean Green Vancouver offers only pet-friendly office carpet cleaning.

Get in touch today and our expert team will provide you with a free quote and a game plan for ensuring the long-term health of your carpets. We’ll make sure you get an honest assessment of the most cost-effective plan for the needs of your business.

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning in Vancouver, Clean Green Solutions is proud of the relationship we have with everything from churches to law firms across the city. We’d love to be your choice for keeping your carpets fresh and healthy. Call us today and never worry about your carpets again!