“Now you can ensure streak-free and spotless office window cleaning in Vancouver, only from Clean Green Solutions!”

Did you know that Vancouver is sometimes called “the city of glass” in reference to the steel and glass façade of our beautiful downtown core? It’s one of the many reasons office window cleaning and commercial window cleaning is so important for your Vancouver business.

Vancouver is known for its beautiful glass as well as its natural splendour, so it’s crucial your workspace lives up to the reputation! Fortunately, Clean Green Solutions has your back when it comes to business window cleaning.

We’re an eco-friendly operation from start to finish and we have the expert staff to make sure your office is as beautiful as what’s outside.


Downtown VancouverDirty windows can filter light coming in from the outside and especially in winter months, especially in a city with a climate like Vancouver, dirty windows can cause even less light to enter the office. Lack of light can have a negative effect on mood and productivity so it’s important to get the most out of your available light. It’s also a shame to filter the view of Vancouver with a dirty window. The cityscape, the mountains, and the ocean all “pop” a little less when the window you’re seeing them through is covered in grime.

Many offices and commercial spaces were designed or chosen specifically to take advantage of the amazing views, so don’t waste it! These views can help make a great overall impression on potential clients and make your workspace inviting and comfortable for employees.

When your office windows aren’t getting regular maintenance, the effect is the opposite. Clients can notice something obvious like dirty windows right away and may leave with a bad taste in their mouth. Employee morale productivity can take a hit when people feel like the company isn’t taking care of the office.

With Clean Green Solutions in charge of your office window cleaning, staff and customers alike will see that you’re on top of every detail.

Another important aspect of regular, professional maintenance is an opportunity to assess the overall health of your windows. Our window cleaning experts will inspect for damage or small cracks that may be developing. It’s like going to the dentist for a cleaning – it’s not just about cleaning but a chance to catch small problems before they become big ones.

Our staff will take time to inspect your windows from every angle to ensure you’re left with a streak-free, sparkling shine. We use high-quality window cleaning solutions that are non-toxic so they’re safe for your staff and customers.

Window cleaningWe treat your windows with care – never risking damage by trying to rush things or cut corners. We’re experienced with all shapes and sizes of windows in all sorts of offices and commercial spaces across Vancouver. Whether your windows are new or old, a regular maintenance schedule is crucial. New windows can be kept in their original state for years and years, maximizing their potential lifespan. Older windows that your business may be thinking about replacing might actually be able to be brought back to life. Our office window cleaning professionals can help you assess your options with a free quote and a plan to get the most out of your office windows in a cost-effective manner.

Whatever your window cleaning needs are, we’ll take care of everything so you don’t have to worry. Clean Green Solutions is the first choice for commercial and office window cleaning in Vancouver. Call us today and see the Clean Green difference!