Moving offices is never easy. It requires thorough planning, organizing, and scheduling for a smooth transition. Hiring a professional Vancouver office cleaning company to clean your existing office and new office will ensure there are minor disruptions, so you can continue to run your business.


Plan Ahead


Businesses often hire professional cleaners to clean their current office and forget about their new office. This common mistake can lead to major move-in delays, costing your business more time and money. As a commercial tenant, it your due diligence to make sure the space you are moving out of is in good shape for the next commercial tenant.


Consider The Timeframe


Because move-out and move-in cleans have a short timeframe, it is crucial to plan everything beforehand and ensure you book a cleaning company well in advance. Leaving it to the last minute may make it difficult for you to book a cleaning company due to lack of availability.


Be Thorough


A move-out clean is typically considered a “deep clean”. It should be detailed and include cleaning tasks such as floor maintenance, wiping of walls, vacuuming nooks and crannies, high and low dusting, window cleaning, and wiping of interior and exterior cabinets and other appliances that will be left behind. For a successful office move-out, it is best to have a deep clean completed when the office is empty rather than cleaning around furniture and staff.


Choose One Company


It may seem like a good idea to hire two different cleaning companies to complete cleaning if a single cleaning company is not available to clean both your current and new office. This is never a good idea, even when working with a tight timeline. It not only causes added stress but can also create miscommunications, lack of consistency, and leave you managing multiple invoices.


Switch It Up


If your business was unhappy with its current cleaners, an office move is the perfect time to switch cleaners. An office move allows your business to get a good feel of the new cleaning company before making a final decision on recurring office cleaners. Do in-depth research before hiring a new cleaning company for an office move-out or move-in clean. Hiring a bad cleaning company could end up costing your business more money by having to rehire another cleaning company.


At Clean Green Solutions, we pride ourselves in having exceptional customer service. We go above and beyond for our clients to make sure they are happy by offering a wide range of quality cleaning services, tailored cleaning schedules that are specific to your business, frequent, thorough communication, and eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe and non-toxic. Our unique approach to office and commercial cleaning is what sets us apart from our competitors. Experience the Clean Green difference today! Book a free quote with our team.


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