Environmentally Friendly Cleaning, Green Office Cleaning: A Janitorial Company in Vancouver

Nothing is more vital for a safe commercial or office space than regular and consistent commercial janitorial cleaning routines that ensure your work area isn’t a nesting home for viruses and bacteria that cause illness. Many people don’t realize how often they touch surfaces and materials that have already been in contact with every person in your office or job area. That doorknob that everyone uses, the carpets that see traffic from all your co-workers who have walked through God-only-knows-what, the break room refrigerator – all of these are breeding grounds for germs.

This is why it’s important to have a consistent cleaning routine for your commercial space or office which reliably prevents workplace germs from spreading. Regular and proper janitorial and cleaning services eliminate viruses and germs that make their way into your work environment. For this reason, many thoughtful business owners and managers will often set aside a budget for janitorial services to do just that.

Yet, the problem with most cleaning and janitorial services is not how hard they work, but how efficiently they work and what kind of cleaning agents they use. Many of the harsh and corrosive cleaners are effective at eliminating germs in your work area; however, they’re also extremely harmful to the environment.

They’ll often contain chemicals that can leech into the water, table, or water filtration system in your area when disposed of. Most janitorial services aren’t using eco-safe cleaning products made with safe and natural-yet-effective compounds. That’s the Clean Green Solutions difference.

Not only is our staff highly trained with the expert cleaning skills to service any-size office or commercial space on a nightly or daily basis, but we also only use environmentally safe products to ensure the health and safety of your customers and employees as well as the surrounding ecosystem.

Not only are our natural and eco-safe cleaning agents safe for the environment and effective, but they also help foster a more pleasant and welcoming office or commercial space for your visiting customers.

Clean Green also manages to maintain a high standard of professionalism and performance. This is done by our detailed checklist system (checking and double-checking every room and cleaning responsibility) that prevents any and all shortcuts that leave troublesome stains and germs behind and guarantees that each and every cleaning task we perform is done with every visit from us.

We also maintain cleaning consistency by sending you the same crew of highly-trained professionals to clean your space every time. This consistency not only gives you a familiar face to look forward to, but it also helps our staff know exactly where the areas most in need of regular cleaning are. This consistency ensures that germs that can cause illness are never allowed to linger, grow, and spread. The same people will know where the messes usually are and where their services are needed most. Even better, our highly-trained staff are always on time, can be trusted, and perform reliably – so you never have to worry about whether or not your office is in safe hands.

Our mission is to provide honest, reliable, budget-friendly, and top-quality janitorial and cleaning services in Vancouver for your commercial or office space. We do all the hard cleaning work which allows you to focus on growing your business.

Also, our office cleaners take their time to ensure that every cleaning task, room assignment, and special job is done and done well in each and every visit. Here is a list of just some of the many janitorial cleaning tasks we perform meticulously using eco-safe cleaning products:

    • • Empty the trash – in every room, in every bathroom, or any other place garbage accumulates.
    • • Disinfect hard surfaces (counters, workspaces, tables) – this is crucial for the prevention of the spread of germs and diseases.
    • • Vacuum carpets using HEPA certified backpack vacuums – our vacuum cleaners have special filters that remove 99% of all germs from carpets and carpeted areas. We even vacuum curtains or any special window draperies in your workspace.
    • • Disinfect and clean bathrooms – bathrooms are a hotbed of the breeding ground for germs and bacteria and viruses that can spread illness and disease. Plus, it’s just nice to be able to have a clean bathroom at your job whenever you need one. Clean Green ensures that you never have to go somewhere else to use the restroom because the one in your office is too dirty to use.
    • • Refill dispensers, toilet paper, etc. – this is not the kind of job you or your workers should be doing. We refill paper towels, toilet paper, and kitchen napkin dispensers throughout your workspace.
    • • Mop hard floors – Clean Green makes sure that all your hard floors shine and never accumulate dirt or grime. Nothing presents a professional and trustworthy image to customers coming to your office like freshly mopped and shiny floors.
    • • Expert and no-streak window cleaning – using our natural and eco-safe cleaning agents, we ensure that all the windows in your office are professionally cleaned and never have unsightly streaks that prevent sunlight from shining indoors.