In Vancouver, there is an increased amount of precipitation during the fall and winter months. Rain and snow cause sediment build-up, leaving windows looking dirty and streaky. Commercial window cleaning is not only important for aesthetic reasons. It also helps improve lifespan, prevent damage, reduce streaks, and minimize illness and allergies. Create the professional aesthetic your business needs to stand out to potential clients and customers by cleaning your commercial windows on a regular basis.

Increased Light


Lighting is everything! When it comes to aesthetic, it is imperative to set the right mood. Bright, warm light, along with natural light is ideal for creating an inviting atmosphere. Dirty, neglected windows can affect the amount of natural light that enters an office or commercial space. This can have a negative effect on mood and energy levels, which is critical during the fall and winter months.



Energy-efficient, double-pane windows are ideal in an office or commercial space. They help cancel noise, improve insulation, and are much more durable. Single-pane windows have a higher risk of cracking, staining, and chipping, especially in the fall and winter when they are repeatedly exposed to wind, dirt, and precipitation. No matter the type of window, regular commercial window maintenance is critical for preventing damage and reducing the need for replacement. Inspecting windows for cracks and leaks is beneficial for lowering heating costs and decreasing HVAC workload.


Fewer Streaks


Streaks are inevitable during the fall and winter due to increased precipitation. During heavy rainfall, lime scale and dirt from window frames drip down causing spotting and streaking. If cleaning does not occur frequently, lime scale and dirt can be difficult to remove, making window cleaning a difficult task.

Look More Professional


Create a positive first impression with clean windows. Clients and customers are visually inclined and notice small things like overflowing garbage bins, cluttered surfaces, and dirty windows. Clean windows can set your business apart from other businesses and encourage new and repeat customers.


Improved Health


Dirty windows may not seem like a big deal; however, they can negatively impact health. Prolonged moisture on windows causes mould and mildew growth. If ignored, mould and mildew can spread to window frames, tracks, and surrounding walls. If mould and mildew is severe,  it can cause a variety of chronic respiratory illnesses and infections. Regular cleaning of windows, frames, and tracks can avert mould and mildew from multiplying and spreading.

Clean windows play a vital role in the success of a business. They affect business growth, health, and brand image. At Clean Green Solutions, we treat your windows with care. We have experience cleaning windows of all sizes in offices and commercial spaces across downtown Vancouver. Whether your commercial windows are old or new, a regular maintenance schedule is crucial. Whatever your window cleaning needs, Clean Green Solutions is the first choice for office and commercial window cleaning in Vancouver. Call us today and experience the Clean Green difference!