Creating an office or commercial cleaning schedule is no easy task. It can be difficult to determine the right cleaning schedule for your business without something to compare it to. To ensure your business is productive, safe, and presentable, it is important to understand your type of business and its needs. Some key items to consider are businesses size, cleaning needs, number of events/meetings, and output volume.

Types of Cleaning Services


Here are some of the typical office and commercial cleaning services and how they differ.


Janitorial Service

Janitorial service includes regular cleaning services performed on a scheduled basis to maintain a commercial space.


Building Cleaning

Building cleaning includes regular cleaning maintenance performed on a scheduled basis to maintain a commercial building.


Office Cleaning

Office cleaning includes regular cleaning services specific to an office.


Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is performed on an regular or one-time basis and includes regular cleaning and large cleaning tasks. Tasks include carpet cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, window cleaning, pressure washing, upholstery cleaning etc.


Office Sanitization/Disinfection

Office sanitization/disinfection includes Electrostatic Disinfection or ULV Fogging. Electrostatic Disinfection or ULV Fogging involves a machine that sprays a disinfecting solution of charged molecules into the air. The charged molecules repel each other and are easily attracted to surfaces, allowing for more thorough disinfection. Office sanitization/disinfection prevents illness and creates a healthier work environment.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning includes thorough, detailed cleaning services performed less frequently in an office or commercial space. Tasks include high surface and baseboard dusting, blind cleaning, light switch cleaning, office fridge cleaning etc.


Factors to Consider


Business Size & Needs

Schools, medical facilities, retail stores, and other large-scale businesses require frequent cleaning. Business needs will determine the type of cleaning required and the frequency. Schools need janitorial service, sanitization/disinfection, and deep cleaning, as there is a steady flow of traffic.


Number of Events/Meetings

The more events/meetings, the more frequently your office or commercial space will need to be cleaned. Vacuuming, taking out the trash, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, and sanitization/disinfection should be performed regularly.


Output Volume

The amount of a certain item produced by a person, machine, or industry is output volume. Output volume can include cardboard, paper, food waste, and other common items. Prevent a build-up of clutter by adding a high output volume item to your businesses cleaning schedule.

There are many factors that affect the frequency of cleaning needed in an office or commercial space.

At Clean Green Solutions, we understand that every office has different needs. We take the time to get to know your business by doing in-person walk-throughs. After our walk-through, our team creates a tailored cleaning schedule based off of your businesses’ cleaning requests and make suggestions based on our professional cleaning experience. Make your next cleaning experience an enjoyable one. Learn why Clean Green Solutions is one of the leading providers in office and commercial cleaning in Vancouver.