Office Disinfecting and Sanitization Services in Vancouver, BC

Office cleaning is now crucial more than ever. Protecting your Vancouver office with preventative measures such as office sanitization and office disinfection is important.

At Clean Green Solutions, we have improved our Vancouver office cleaning services to include thorough training on high-touch surfaces and proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), invested in leading-edge cleaning tools such as Electrostatic Disinfection/ULV Fogging, and have updated our tailored cleaning schedules to be more frequent and in-depth.

What Is Electrostatic Disinfection?

Unlike traditional cleaning methods, electrostatic spray uses a specialized solution consisting of positively charged particles that adhere to and coat any surface they’re sprayed on. This highly effective office cleaning method offers superior coverage and ensures maximum cleanliness. Electrostatic disinfection reduces the time it takes to disinfect all office space surfaces and stops the spread of viruses such as COVID-19, influenza, MRSA, HIV and many others.

How Office Cleaning Services Are Changing Due to Covid-19

Shared workspaces have proven to be one of the most harmful when it comes to COVID-19.

Vancouver Office Cleaning Services now include frequent cleaning, vacuuming, sanitizing, and Electrostatic Disinfection/ULV Fogging to combat the virus. Employers are also looking for alternative cleaning products that have less of a negative impact on their employees’ health. This includes switching to green cleaning products and eco-friendly Vancouver office cleaners.

Create A Clean & Healthy Vancouver Office

Switch to Clean Green Solutions and create peace of mind for your employees and clients. We use green-certified cleaning products to ensure your office meets COVID-19 cleaning standards without impacting the environment or harming your employees. Contact us to request a free quote!