How to Care for Commercial Marble Floors

Marble is a great high-end office flooring option. It has a luxurious look, is easy to maintain, and is very durable. Because marble is a natural stone, it easily absorbs liquid. Avoid staining and dullness by maintaining your marble floors on a routine basis. Sealing and polishing are an important part of marble floor care. Polishing removes dirt, stains, and scuffs from commercial floors. Sealing revives floors by applying a protective coat that creates a barrier between the marble and any external elements, such as moisture. When it comes to marble floors, a special method of polishing called honing is necessary to restore marble floors.

What is Honing

Honing is a polishing method used on natural stone. It involves rubbing diamond abrasive pads on the marble surface to remove any etch marks or scratches. Marble honing also…

Tips for Maintaining Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Regular maintenance of commercial cleaning equipment provides a long lifespan and improves their efficiency. Eco-friendly cleaning tools are reusable and a low-maintenance option. Most sustainable cleaning tools can be washed by hand or by washing machine and are better for the environment. Single-use cleaning supplies are costly and should not be used multiple times. Use these equipment cleaning tips for the best clean. 

Clean Vacuum HEPA Filters Regularly

HEPA filters are easy to maintain. To clean them, simply remove the filter from the vacuum, remove dust, dirt, and debris, and thoroughly rinse with warm, soapy water. Ensure the filter is completely dry before placing it back into the vacuum and using it. Replace vacuum HEPA filters every 6-12 months for best results.

Dispose of Single-Use Cleaning Tools


Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products That Are Effective for Commercial Use

Green cleaning is a safe and effective method of cleaning for businesses. Although there are many DIY natural cleaning solutions, purchasing manufactured green commercial cleaning products are more beneficial. They are designed to eliminate bacteria and germs and are more powerful than the average household cleaners. Businesses that require hygienic conditions such as food production facilities, dentist and medical offices, or educational institutions should be wary of DIY eco-friendly cleaning products to avoid workplace outbreaks, disease, and other public health hazards.


Eco-Max carries various Canadian-made commercial cleaning products that are EcoLogo certified. Their multi-purpose cleaner, heavy-duty cleaning and degreaser, bathroom cleaner, and carpet and upholstery cleaner are some …

Common Office Recycling Mistakes

Recycling is an important part of our everyday life at the office. It is highly beneficial in the workplace where consumption is high, but when done improperly, it can cause more bad than good. By educating staff on your local recycling do’s and don’ts you can save time, money, and resources, and improve efficiency. Recycling contamination can cause recyclable materials to be disposed of in landfills instead of being recycled. Here are some common mistakes you may be unaware of.

Not Rinsing Dirty Containers Before Recycling

Most recycling is performed by machines. The machines are not built to handle leftover food, condiments, or other substances and can cause damage to the machinery or the worker processing them. Recycling dirty containers can also cause contamination of not only the package itself but the entire load,…

Cleaning Tips for A Successful Office Move in 2024

End-of-lease office cleaning is typical at the start of the year, so booking cleaning services well in advance is advantageous. Planning and preparation are key to a successful office move. Creating a plan, preparing your office, informing your staff, and setting an office date for cleaning will ensure a smooth move with few hiccups. You can do additional things to prepare for an office deep clean. Below are a couple of recommendations.

Make A To-Do List

Start by listing areas to get cleaned and include any critical information or instructions useful when cleaning. Categorize cleaning tasks by room or location to make it easier and more efficient for your cleaner. Don’t forget baseboards, walls, ceiling fans, vents, windows, cupboards, drawers, and other areas that don’t often get cleaned regularly. 

Clear All Obstacles…
A clean office in Vancouver that has white walls and plants, white desks, and glass walls.

New Year Resolutions For Keeping The Office Clean

Make A New Year’s Resolution for a Clean and Green Office

As the New Year approaches, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past and set new goals for the future. While personal resolutions often take center stage, why not extend the commitment to a cleaner and greener workspace? Transform your office environment in Vancouver with a New Year’s resolution focused on maintaining cleanliness and promoting eco office cleaning.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Matter for Office Cleaning in Vancouver

A clean and organized office space contributes to a more productive and positive work atmosphere. With the year coming to an end, it’s an excellent opportunity to start fresh by implementing a resolution for maintaining a spotless and organized workplace. However, the real challenge lies in sticking…

Good Workplace Hygiene Practices to Introduce in the New Year

Workplace hygiene affects employee morale, safety, and productivity. Working in a clean, hygienic environment creates a positive brand image and adds to the success of a business by minimizing employee retention. Daily cleaning keeps staff healthy and creates a positive working environment. Set your business up for success in the New Year by implementing and enforcing a hygiene policy. Here are some of the top hygiene practices we recommend.

Encourage Cleaning Up After Use

Keeping your workplace clean and organized prevents wear and tear and minimizes the amount of bacteria and germs. Cleaning up after use is especially important in a high-traffic office or commercial space with many high-touch points. An orderly workspace improves focus and mental health and contributes to happier employees.

Frequently Clean Office…

Office Cleaning Tips to Reduce Stress After the Holidays

Returning to work after a chaotic holiday season can be overwhelming for many. Creating an organized working environment before staff returns is critical to keep productivity and morale high. Whether your office has an office cleaning schedule or is looking to hire full or part-time office cleaners for recurring office cleaning services, making a concrete plan at the start of the year is highly beneficial. Hiring a professional office cleaning company can help minimize stress, decrease workload, and improve health and well-being. In addition to hiring office cleaners, these cleaning tips can help set your business up for success.

Keep It Tidy

A messy, unorganized desk makes it challenging to focus. The human mind is easily distracted (especially after the holidays), so it is crucial to encourage staff to tidy up their personal…

End of the Year Office Cleaning Tips & Tricks

The end of the year can be a busy time for Vancouver businesses. Cleaning is often put on the back burner until the day before the holiday break, causing unnecessary added stress. A half-fast clean can negatively impact focus and mood in the New Year when it matters most. Ensure your office is sparkly clean by implementing the following end-of-the-year office cleaning tips and tricks!

Make A List

Making a list is the best way to stay on track and ensure all cleaning tasks get completed. Organize the list by room and assign someone to each job to make cleaning productive and efficient. Prevent missed cleaning tasks by being as detailed as possible and focusing on areas with frequent foot traffic.

Delegate Cleaning Tasks

Whether you organize cleaning well in advance or the day before, completing all the cleaning on your own in a single…

Effective Tips for Cleaning Office Furniture

Office furniture may appear clean from a distance, but they are often covered in microscopic bacteria, mould, dust, and other allergens that aren’t easily visible to the human eye. Routine vacuuming and spot cleaning are crucial for maintaining office furniture. Occasional deep cleaning eliminates tough stains and odours and prevents bacteria growth. Material type and manufacturer tags will determine the proper method of care. It is important to spot test before cleaning to avoid damage. Here are some effective office furniture cleaning tips to minimize permanent damage.

Remove Dust & Debris Before Cleaning

A thin layer of dust can prevent office furniture from getting the best clean possible. Remove dust from hard surfaces by wiping the surface down with a dry microfibre cloth. Office upholstery should be vacuumed…