Tips for Cleaning Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tools

Microfibre Cloths & Dusters

Microfibre cloths and dusters can be used for wiping various surfaces and dusting and have a long lifespan when adequately taken care of. When misused, they do more harm than good by spreading debris, bacteria, and germs around. It is essential to wash microfibre cloths and dusters after use by throwing them into the washer with eco-friendly laundry detergent. Avoid putting them in the dryer, as shrinkage can occur.

Reusable Mops

Reusable mops come in a variety of materials, so it is essential that you refer to manufacturer instructions for proper care. Microfibre or fabric-style pads can be machine-washed. Eco-friendly wet mops are delicate. To prevent deterioration, they must be thoroughly rinsed and put in a mesh bag on a gentle cycle. Vinegar and lemon can be used on wet mops to freshen up and…

Office Sanitization Tips for A Healthier Workplace

Although cold and flu season is nearing its end, illness is still possible during summer. Bacteria and germs don’t disappear as soon as the weather gets nicer. Continued vigilance is crucial for a healthy Vancouver workplace. Office sanitization is a hygienic practice that is highly beneficial when incorporated into your business’s daily or weekly cleaning schedule. It should include disinfection of high-traffic areas, shared spaces, and high-touch surfaces. Here are some of the top office sanitization tips we recommend for a healthier workplace.

Make Sanitizing Easy & Efficient

Having cleaning products and supplies readily available around the office improves staff hygiene. Sanitizing wipes are a quick way to disinfect surfaces throughout the day. Touchless sanitizer and soap dispensers reduce touch points…

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Find Out Why the Office Smells & How to Fix It

Does your Office Pass the Smell Test?

Keeping your office clean and organized directly affects your office productivity. Making sure that you are focused on work and not on the mess can be a real challenge. Regular cleaning is a big part of keeping your office free of germs and bacteria.

A professional office cleaning service in Vancouver, especially an eco-friendly service like Clean Green Solutions, can come in regularly and do a thorough job. Thoroughness is important because, many times, it is what you don’t see that causes the biggest problem. That is one good reason for our sense of smell. We have an early warning system built in that lets us know that something is not right. We may also be so used to a smell, and after a time, don’t even notice it. But those arriving from elsewhere definitely notice it.

Because our sense of smell …

How Commercial Cleaning Enhances Brand Image

Cleaning goes beyond health and safety and says a lot about a business and its operations. A high level of cleanliness says a lot about management. It enhances workplace health and safety, improves employee retention, and encourages brand loyalty. Establishing good cleaning habits and hygiene standards is essential for creating a positive brand image.

Creates Trust

Trust is established by offering quality products/services, promoting honesty, providing excellent customer service, and ensuring a healthy environment for customers and staff. A dirty, unorganized commercial space deters customers from returning and job candidates from applying. Poor first impressions often lead to bad reviews and significantly affect the success of a business.

Reflects Good Management

When management cares about their business,…

Chemical cleaning products

The Negative Effects of Chemical Cleaning Products

Cleaning is an integral part of our everyday lives. When completed regularly, it can significantly benefit a business. Although daily cleaning is advantageous for offices and commercial spaces, chemical cleaning products can cause more harm than good. Researching product ingredients and understanding where they come from and how they are made before selecting a commercial cleaning company or purchasing commercial cleaning products is beneficial.

Common Ingredients That Should Be Avoided: AmmoniaSynthetic FragrancesFormaldehydePhthalatesSulphatesChlorineButoxyethanolNonylphenol EthoxylatesTriclosanSodium HydroxideQuaternary Ammonium Compounds Increased Illness

Toxic ingredients in cleaners affect the central nervous system, harm office pets, cause allergies and asthma flare-ups, and negatively…

Professional office cleaning

Frequently Missed Areas That Professional Cleaners Never Miss

Cleaning may seem simple, but it requires industry knowledge and expertise to ensure proper execution. Surface cleaning removes dust but does not kill bacteria and germs. Cleaning hard-to-reach areas and focusing on high touch points is vital for a germ-free office. Hiring professional office cleaners improves cleaning standards and creates a healthy working environment for staff, customers, and guests. Their attention to detail and cleaning experience reduces illness and creates a lasting impression.

Blinds & Windowsills

When it comes to window cleaning, blinds and windowsills are often overlooked. Prolonged neglect allows moisture to seep in and create the perfect environment for mould and mildew to thrive. Blinds are dust mite hot spots and can trigger allergy symptoms, especially during allergy season.…

Sustainable office

Eco-Friendly Practices for A More Sustainable Office

Going “green” goes beyond recycling a pop can or shredding old paperwork; it reflects a company’s morale and corporate culture. A sustainable business model has many benefits, including reduced operating costs, a positive public image, additional tax benefits, enhanced company attractiveness, and potential for growth and innovation. Becoming a more sustainable business requires a green plan from an operational level and a strategic roadmap.

When it comes to office cleaning, there are several eco-friendly practices we suggest. Here are a few recommendations to get started!

Install Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are an excellent way to reduce energy costs and feature various portable and built-in touchless options. They can be used for lights, sink faucets, water fountains, doors, and hand sanitizer and soap dispensers.…

Preventative office cleaning

The Benefits of Preventative Cleaning

Preventative cleaning involves consistent routine maintenance to establish cleanliness and prolong wear and tear. It is thorough and detailed and includes a variety of cleaning tasks, such as commercial floor care, bathroom deep cleaning, office sanitization/disinfection, and other detail-oriented cleaning tasks. Preventative cleaning is essential for businesses with heavy foot traffic, such as schools, malls, office buildings, and other large-scale facilities. Surface cleaning is not enough to sustain a commercial space. Deep cleaning is necessary to ensure optimal workplace health and safety.

Minimize Costly Repairs

Lack of upkeep makes cleaning tedious and can be a pricey business expense. Prolonged neglect causes irrevocable, permanent damage. Commercial floors, office furniture, and public bathrooms…

Commercial window cleaning

How to Prepare Your Business for Professional Window Cleaners

Spring is a popular time to schedule commercial window cleaning services for your business. The nice weather and longer days are ideal for preventing streaks and ensuring the best clean possible. Preparing the interior and exterior of your windows for commercial cleaners before their arrival is beneficial. Here are some tips from commercial window experts to ensure smooth and efficient clean.

Know the Location of Your Water Source

Window cleaning companies require a water source to clean exterior windows. They use a commercial pressure washer and a window cleaning solution to remove dirt, debris, and grime. Most commercial buildings will have a water hose hookup somewhere around the perimeter of the building. If you are unsure and cannot locate the water source, contact the building manager for further assistance. Leaving…

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Effective Office Cleaning Tips

Effective Office Cleaning Tips

As the leading provider of office cleaning services in Vancouver, the office cleaners at Clean Green Solutions have their system dialed when it comes to keeping your workspace tidy. While hiring experts to handle all of your Vancouver office cleaning needs is often the easiest and most thorough way to go about it, it is not uncommon to try and handle cleaning projects on your own. If you plan to forego professional office cleaning services in Vancouver, here are 10 tips for effective cleaning.

Make a Checklist

It may seem elementary but a cleaning checklist can really help your office stay clean in the absence of professional office cleaners. Make a list of the most critical items and keep tabs on how often they are being addressed. This will give your team targets and tangible items to work on when it …