Spring is the perfect time for an office deep clean! Daily office cleaning services are not as thorough and detailed as deep cleaning. Every business has unique cleaning needs based on the type of business, the amount of foot traffic, and season. It is beneficial to create a spring cleaning checklist that entails all the areas that are neglected. Most office cleaning companies can help you come up with a checklist based on experience. Below are some of the top neglected areas to add to your next office deep clean.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Benefits of Office Deep Cleaning

Maintains Office

Offices are high traffic spaces that require regular maintenance. Office floors and furniture can look out-dated and worn out from frequent use. Lack of upkeep can lead to permanent damage or the need for repair or replacement. An office deep clean refreshes an office and creates a lasting impression for clients and guests.

Prevents Rodents & Pests

Office kitchens often don’t get the cleaning they need. These shared spaces need regular cleaning and sanitization to prevent illness and cross-contamination. Office kitchen appliances are the number one culprit of mould, mildew, and bacteria. Garbage, recycling, and compost should be taken out daily to minimize unpleasant odours, and old food should be thrown out at the end of the week. This will help keep rodents and pests away. A deep clean is advantageous for an office kitchen and creates a more inviting communal space.

Minimizes Allergens

Offices harbour dust, dirt, and debris in carpet fibres, furniture, nooks and crannies, and high surfaces. Small amounts of dust are not harmful as excessive dust. Accumulation of dust aggravates allergies/asthma, making symptoms unbearable. Allergy season is here! Get your office ready for a spring clean.

Creates A Lasting Impression

Offices have frequent clients, guests, and potential job candidates. A clean office can create a lasting first impression. Ensure your office is presentable, neat, and tidy with an office deep clean. Maintaining a clean and healthy office space will set your business apart from your competitors and assist in creating a positive reputation. 

Improved Organization

Are you constantly searching for things around the office? Clutter can increase stress, affect the ability to focus, and cause absenteeism. Deep cleaning is beneficial for keeping organized and reducing safety hazards. Improve the health and wellbeing of your office with a comprehensive deep clean.

Clean Green Solutions recommends a routine office deep clean every 6 months. To arrange deep cleaning services for your Yaletown, Kistilano, Gastown, Coal Harbour, South Granville, or downtown Vancouver office, call (604) 644-8540 or request a quote on our website.