Start Your Year with a Clean Office

As many of us make our way back to our jobs and offices, we can start the new year with a thorough office cleaning and a plan for keeping it clean. Our cleaning services ensure your space is safe for your staff to return.

For many, it has likely been weeks or even months since anyone has occupied office space. These spaces need a thorough cleaning. After all, you and your staff have been through; nobody wants to return to an unsafe health risk. In addition to a janitorial and maintenance staff, you need a cleaning expert to make sure everything is done specifically to address your needs.

Other Cleaning Necessities to Consider

In addition to a thorough office cleaning, there are special considerations to ensure your office is ready.

Vacuuming: The easiest way to clean and dust drawers, cubicles, furniture upholstery, and floors is with a vacuum cleaner with a hose and nozzle attachment. That way you won’t be getting anything wet or depositing fibres from paper towels into sensitive electronics. If you prefer the convenience of a handheld vacuum, be sure to go over the surfaces several times and pay close attention to those hard-to-reach places. For furniture upholstery, you should use slow and steady motions with an upholstery brush in addition to vacuuming. There are special attachments that should be used on floors.

Trash Cans: Trash cans can become a “catch-all” of waste, so you should do more than empty them, you should also wipe and wash them out. Trash cans in communal areas are in particular need of attention but be sure to target each one.

Empty Boxes: Boxes can also become a “catch-all” for previous well-intended decluttering efforts. As such, they may have some of the dusty and dirty refuse from the year before.

Sorting Last Year’s Documents: Start at one side of your workspace and move in one direction, carefully inspecting every item along the way. Clear out any clutter and debris, sorting it into piles or boxes as you go, to make the cleaning process easier. When sorting through the pile of memos, notes, and papers on your desk, it is important to take the time to assess each document. Start by separating recycling from what needs shredding or filing away for future reference.

The Question of Outsourcing vs DIY

Cleaning Supplies and Other Resources: Order any cleaning supplies you may need before starting your project. Have enough materials for each team member to prevent running into any delays. Stock up on sponges, cleaning rags and spray bottles so everyone has what they need to work efficiently. Some of your staff may want to come in on a Saturday and make some extra money; however, don’t expect a receptionist who makes $11 per hour to spend their day cleaning for that amount.

Hiring Professionals: Find out what your cleaning service can do beyond their usual daily or weekly cleaning. Depending on the type of services you need, many cleaning companies offer additional forms of service such as carpet cleaning, window washing, and other specialty services.

Common Areas

Common areas are often overlooked when it comes to disinfecting and cleaning. These areas spread germs due to their high foot traffic, numerous high-touch surfaces, and factors from elsewhere. Regular cleaning is required to protect people from the spread of illness-causing bacteria.

Building Inspection and Cleaning

Clean Green Solutions can inspect your whole building to ensure there are no leaky pipes, mould, or other hazards. This is a good way to start the new year.

Start the Year with Clean Green Solutions

If you have an office in Vancouver, Clean Green Solutions can help you prevent all those obviously hazardous problems from last year with environmentally safe cleaning. You’ll start the year with peace of mind with Clean Green Solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a free consultation.