Mount Pleasant Office Cleaning

You operate your business in Mount Pleasant. Known for its culture of quality, Mount Pleasant is a creative and eclectic choice for a location and is a big part of your reputation. A highly desirable locale for urban professionals and their families, it has been an ideal place for progressive and pace-setting businesses. Office spaces in Mount Pleasant are unique and have special needs. To serve an office like yours, we must be good listeners.

Operating your business is challenging enough without having to spend time and energy on keeping your office clean and environmentally safe. Your office space should always be a non-toxic, environmentally friendly space to work for you, your employees, and your clients. You should also have a cleaning team that is the least disruptive to your operation.

Mount Pleasant carries a tradition of creativity, progressive thinking, and excellence. Your business is part of that tradition. We can help you take care of and maintain that part of your routine so you can address the all-important running of your business.

Clean Green Solutions is a team that shares a vision—to keep everyone safe. This includes keeping everything clean. Our eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions are also effective at keeping your environment clean, sanitized, disinfected, and healthy. Our team uses recyclable containers, microfiber cleaning applicators, and compliant dispensing systems.

Our Office Cleaning Services are Eco-Friendly

We perform the following services:

Waxing Your Floors: Details matter. They all add up. Sometimes, just the smell is enough. A customer, or potential customer, makes subliminal judgements about your professionalism and is either impressed or repelled. Maintaining squeaky clean floors is a big part of that impression. Attention to detail is important in your business. Our ability to keep your hard floors clean and polished.

Cleaning Your Carpet: Our Mount Pleasant office cleaning, as well as other parts of Vancouver, gives special attention to keeping your carpets clean and fresh. Carpets can very well have a big impact on your office and the overall impression of your business. With all the use and abuse, they are magnets for dirt, dust, and bacteria, not to mention odour. Our carpet cleaning is pet friendly. We are also aware that a pet can contribute to the smell, requiring more frequent attention.

Cleaning Your Windows: Clean clear windows are another important part of making a good impression. In fact, there are few things that show that you’ve neglected your workspace more than dirty dim windows. In Mount Pleasant, a big part of your office is its location. It can be very important to show off your view. Keeping your windows clean reflects well on your business.

When the health and safety of your staff and clients are at stake, your office or office building should be free of germs and other contaminants. Our cleaning and sanitation services never require toxic chemicals to get it that way.

We Are Your Office Cleaning Partner

We are a leading commercial cleaning company in the Vancouver area, fully bonded and insured, have gone through background checks, and have all signed confidentiality agreements, and we offer same-day quotes. Bring us in for special cleaning or set up a regularly scheduled monthly office cleaning service. Check out our 4.9 rating in Google reviews!

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Our office cleaning services in Mount Pleasant and other areas of Vancouver are high-quality, budget-friendly, conscientious, honest, and reliable. Contact us to clean your office space. We can walk through and estimate your job for free. We don’t just clean, sanitize and disinfect your commercial space or office, we do it while being friendly to you and the environment.