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South Main Office & Commercial Cleaning

Sort of a Vancouver version of New York’s Brooklyn, South Main has experienced an upgrade and facelift over the years with the influx of galleries and bistros. As a business owner or manager in this neighbourhood, you know the importance of keeping your office looking good and maintaining a healthy environment.

Locating your office here requires that you keep it pristine. Your progressive and creative location is highly desirable for urban professionals, and for their families. Every space is unique and has unique cleaning requirements, your cleaning company should focus on listening to you.

We are like a silent partner for your business. We consider ourselves to be your team and want to make sure we are the least disruptive part of your operation. Conducting your business is tough enough without having to worry about when your office cleaning staff is coming in. You also shouldn’t have to spend time thinking about keeping your office clean and environmentally safe. Count on us for an eco-friendly solution for you, your employees, and your clients.

In this part of the city, reputation travels fast. It is not only important to run a clean office it is important to keep everyone safe. When the front door to your business is open, you want your office to not only be clean but healthy too. Our team uses environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning solutions to keep your office clean, sanitized, disinfected and healthy. We also use recyclable containers, microfiber applicators, and compliant disposing systems.

Clean Green Solutions Services are Clean and Green

We perform the following services and more:

Waxing Your Floors: Attention to detail is important for your business, and ours. Like keeping your hardwood floors clean and polished. When your floors are squeaky clean, it is that extra measure that builds an overall impression. Every time a customer, or potential customer, walks through your door, they make subliminal judgements about your operation. The details do matter, and they add up to building your business.

Cleaning Your Carpet: A pet is a wonderful part of your home or office. They’re a member of your family. That is why our carpet cleaning is pet friendly. With this lovable addition comes additional requirements, which demand frequent attention. Carpets are magnets for dirt, bacteria, dust, and smell. They make a powerful impact on the impression your business makes. So, we pay particular attention to keeping your carpets clean and fresh.

Cleaning Your Windows: If you want your business to reflect well on you, keeping your windows clean is paramount. In fact, in a location like this, the view out the window is a big deal. It’s a big part of your appeal. Dirty windows really show up and leave a negative impression.

No matter what the job requires, our cleaning and sanitation services never use toxic chemicals to get your office or office building free of germs and contaminants. The health and safety of your staff and clients are at stake.

We Are Your Office Cleaning Team

We are a fully bonded commercial cleaning company in the Vancouver area. Our team has gone through background checks and has all signed confidentiality agreements. We provide same-day quotes, quick service, 4.9 Google reviews, and eco-friendly/pet-friendly services. We can set up a regularly scheduled monthly office cleaning service, or a one-time deep clean.

Contact Clean Green Solutions

Our South Main office cleaning services and other areas of Vancouver are high-quality, budget-friendly, conscientious, honest, and reliable. Contact us to clean your office space. We can walk through and estimate your job for free. We clean, sanitize, and disinfect your commercial space while being friendly to you and the environment.