South Granville Office & Commercial Cleaning

South Granville is the trendiest of neighbourhoods in Vancouver. South Granville is the hot spot for all things décor, food and drink, spa, and live entertainment. It is Vancouver’s foremost retail hub connecting aspiring designers, fashion lovers, artisans, and the like. This growing neighbourhood is bustling with people, pets, office spaces, and commercial buildings. With more and more establishments attracting more and more people (and their pets) to South Granville, the need for eco-friendly, non-toxic office sanitation is high. Clean Green Solutions fulfills these demands by exclusively using only eco-friendly solutions. At Clean Green Solutions, we disinfect with thoughtfulness. We care about the health and safety of your office or commercial space as well as the environment. Show your clientele you share the same philosophy by hiring Clean Green Solutions!

Clean Green Solutions’ Office Cleaning & Disinfecting Services

Our services include but are not limited to, office carpet cleaning, office window cleaning, and floor waxing. Office sanitation, building cleaning, janitorial services, commercial cleaning, workstations, lobbies, waiting rooms, and kitchen cleaning are all part of our repertoire of services.

South Granville is all about aesthetics. The last thing you want a client to see is stains on your office carpet. Allow us to clean the dust and dirt from your carpet, removing odours along the way. South Granville offers window shopping at its finest. With all the competition in South Granville, stand out with clean, spotless windows. All the better to showcase your fine product with! Whether in an office or commercial building, much of the time spent is on the floor. Take pride in yours with our floor waxing services.

From restroom sanitation to upholstery, we do it all and everything in between. We are flexible to suit your schedule be it during or after your hours of operation, daily, weekly, alternating days or weeks, or even monthly. We accept one-off cleaning tasks as well. There is no job too big or too small for our trained cleaning experts.

Choose Us as Your Partners in Clean!

Choose us because we offer same-day quotes and quick service. Time is money and South Granville moves fast – so we do too. We clean swiftly yet effectively and efficiently. Our certified cleaners are reliable, punctual, and trustworthy. We sign confidentiality agreements and summit background checks to make our clients feel as secure as possible. Our customers attest to this by leaving excellent reviews which you can find on our website. They are impressed by the impact our services have on productivity, morale, and air quality. “Clean your space, clean your mind.” Promote the culture and professionalism of your workplace by hiring our eco-friendly, health-conscious cleaning company, Clean Green Solutions.

How your business is reflected in the outside world matters to us. It is in everyone’s best interest to keep our communal spaces sanitary and environmentally friendly with eco-friendly, non-toxic solutions like the ones we use at Clean Green Solutions. Our containers are recyclable, our cleaning applicators are microfiber, and our dispensing systems are compliant.

We are reducing our carbon footprint and by using our services, you are too. Together we can make this planet cleaner, safer, and better, for the present and the future. Book us for office and commercial cleaning in South Granville or our other Vancouver locations. We service Coal Harbour, Downtown, Yaletown, Gastown, Kitsilano, and Mount Pleasant.