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Southwest Marine Drive

Southwest Marine Drive follows the northern arm of the Fraser River. It is a highly desirable and high-end location for real estate. It’s a winding road that includes Dunbar Street and Granville Street. It is a drive of private golf courses and large estates.

Lately, there have been condominiums added to this neighbourhood along the Fraser River. These one and two-bedroom units remain affordable by greater Vancouver standards.

Although Southwest Marine is residential, nearby Kerrisdale Village is home to several retail businesses. 41st Avenue mixes old-fashioned brick-paved sidewalks with businesses catering to the needs of the nearby neighbourhoods, from real estate offices, garden retail, baby stores, and pets, to home stores.

This is where we come in. We come in to clean as nobody else can. If you are looking for an eco-friendly, non-toxic, pet-friendly, cleaning of your office, Clean Green Solutions is your best choice for your cleaning service.

Clean Green Solutions Office Cleaning Services

Among many things that are unique to your special needs, we perform the following services:

Waxing Your Floors: Detail matters. They all add up. Maintaining a business depends on it. When anyone walks through your door, they form an immediate opinion about you and your operation. This observation might determine whether they do business with you. If you have squeaky clean floors, it gets noticed. So, we make sure we clean and polish your floors. It’s just good for business… yours and ours.

Cleaning Your Carpet: We pay particular attention to keeping your carpets fresh and clean. Clean carpets also make a big impression and reflect well on your business. Carpets are magnets for dirt, bacteria, dust, and smell. If not clean, they can repel an opportunity. A pet is not only a calming and loving addition to an office, but they’re also family. That is why our carpet cleaning is pet friendly.

Cleaning Your Windows: There are few things more noticeable when dirty than a window. In this neighbourhood, keeping your windows clean is essential. News travels fast, we’re here to help you make a good impression. They are one of those things we make sure to focus on.

We know that the most important thing is the health and safety of your staff and clients. So, we get things clean and sanitized without the use of toxic chemicals. Our eco-friendly cleaning service is completely safe for your office environment and everyone in it.

Our Team at Clean Green Solutions

We are a fully bonded commercial cleaning company in the Vancouver area, also serving Coal Harbour, Downtown, Yaletown, Gastown, Mount Pleasant, South Granville, and South Main. Our team has gone through background checks and has all signed confidentiality agreements. We provide same-day quotes, and quick service, proudly sport a 4.9 Google review average and are eco-friendly/pet-friendly services. We can set up a regularly scheduled monthly office cleaning service, or a one-time deep clean.

Contact Clean Green Solutions

Our Southwest Marine Drive office cleaning services and other areas of Vancouver are high-quality, budget-friendly, conscientious, honest, and reliable. Contact us to clean your office space. We can walk through and estimate your job for free. We clean, sanitize, and disinfect your commercial space while being friendly to you and the environment.