High traffic spaces like offices and commercial buildings can really benefit from recurring cleaning services. Consistent exposure to an ample amount of foot traffic causes wear and tear and permanent damage. Lack of maintenance and upkeep can lead to irreversible damage and increase the need for repairs or replacement. Hiring commercial cleaners for daily cleaning services can prevent costly renovations.

What is Recurring Cleaning?

Recurring cleaning involves hiring a commercial cleaning company on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to maintain your office or commercial space. This type of cleaning creates consistency, prolongs deterioration, and ensures a healthy workplace. Recurring cleaning can save your business time and money. The time spent searching for office cleaners for one-time cleaning can eat up valuable time, and take away from your business. Take your time researching and interviewing potential cleaning companies, and select one that meets all your commercial cleaning needs.

Commercial Floors

Commercial floor maintenance is crucial for preventing accidents and creating a professional brand image. Large office buildings need to pay extra attention to their floors, as public safety is imperative. Frequent cleaning like janitorial services or daily cleaning can assist in preserving commercial floors. There are a variety of floor care methods for different commercial floors. Carpet steam cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, and floor scrubbing are the best ways to revive commercial floors.

Commercial Windows

Office windows are easily susceptible to moisture damage. Mould and mildew caused by excessive rainfall is a common problem for Vancouver businesses. Interior and exterior window cleaning is advantageous for preventing bacteria growth. This should include a full deep clean of windowsills, frames, and panes.

Office Upholstery

Most Vancouver offices have expensive office furniture. Delicate fabrics require special cleaning to maintain and prevent damage. Office upholstery holds stains, allergens, and bacteria deep in its fibres, which can be hard to reach. Regular vacuuming, spot cleaning, and upholstery cleaning is necessary to prolong lifespan. Spot test to prevent staining, bleaching, and deterioration of office upholstery.

Commercial Bathrooms

Public bathrooms can make or break first impressions and affect employee morale. Clean commercial bathrooms enhance a client/customer’s perception of the business and the level of service being offered. Keep your business in good standing by cleaning your commercial bathrooms throughout the day.

High Surfaces

High surfaces are everywhere in an office or commercial building. They include light fixtures, beams and rafters, air ducts, pipes, ceiling fans, walls, corners, and HVAC vents. Frequent high surface dusting improves indoor air quality and minimizes safety hazards, sick days, chronic allergies, and infestations.

Top Quality Commercial Cleaning in Vancouver, BC

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