Floor maintenance is extremely important in large offices and commercial buildings due to the high amount of foot traffic. There are many different factors that affect the wear and tear of an office or building floor including moisture, heat, and lack of maintenance. In order to ensure the longevity of your office or building floors, regular upkeep and maintenance are necessary. Here are some of the different types of commercial floor cleaning methods you should add to your regular office or building floor maintenance checklist.

Carpet Steam Cleaning


When it comes to office or building carpets, there is very little you can do to recover years of damage from stains, tears, and burns. If there is minimal damage, carpet steam cleaning is a great alternative. Carpet steam cleaning involves a carpet extractor that sprays a mix of hot water and a cleaning solution. A wet vacuum is then used to extract the dirty water from the carpets. This process removes stains, dirt, allergens, and pests, and is very effective. For best results, regular vacuuming and spot cleaning should be done, as well as quarterly carpet steam cleaning.

Floor Stripping & Waxing


Have you ever been in a commercial building or office space with dull floors? It can often make a place of business appear outdated or dirty. By incorporating floor stripping and waxing, you can bring your floors back to life and create a lasting impression for guests and clients.

Floor stripping and waxing is commonly used on vinyl composite tile (VCT) flooring, rubber or cork flooring, and other vinyl surfaces like luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

The process involves a precise set of steps to ensure the best results. First, a PH-neutral solution is applied to the floors to strip the existing wax. Next, a machine scrub is applied to remove sealers and finishers that may be present. Finally, a floor finish stripper is applied and a final mop is completed. Several coats of wax are then applied to the floors. Each coat of wax must dry between the coats to ensure proper sealing. For best results, three coats of wax are highly recommended.

Machine Floor Scrubbing


In large commercial spaces including warehouses, medical facilities, schools, and other industrial commercial spaces, machine floor scrubbing is necessary to prevent cracks, stains, and other wear and tear that can occur on cement and ceramic tile flooring. Floor scrubbing machines are available in both a push and ride-on option, which allow them to cover larger surface areas. They feature a variety of brush heads, allowing them to reach small crevices including cracks and uneven surfaces.

The process involves a floor scrubbing machine that distributes a cleaning solution and water inside the scrub brush. The mixed solution is released and vacuumed at the same time and then transferred into a recovery tank, leaving the floors dry immediately. For best results, sweeping and mopping are done before starting the floor scrubbing process.

No matter what type of flooring your office or commercial space has, Clean Green Solutions has the experience to bring your floors back to life. Call (604) 644-8540 to schedule a free estimate!


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