It can be tricky to get your office staff onboard with green practices like composting. Proper training and signage can make composting easier and more efficient. Educating your staff on how and why composting is important may initiate less hesitancy and prevent improper use.

The Advantages of Composting at the Office

Workplace composting is advantageous for reducing waste, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, and improving air quality. It is extremely beneficial for the environment and assists in minimizing erosion, improving water quality, and aiding in the restoration of habitats for microorganisms.

Office Composting Tips & Tricks

There are a variety of things you can do to make composting easier. Here are just a few of them.

Use Compost Bags for Less Mess

Composting can be messy without the use of compost bags. Make taking out the compost less gruesome for your staff and office cleaners by incorporating paper or biodegradable plastic compost bags. Contain compost inside a sealed bin to prevent easy access for rodents and pests and keep unpleasant odours away. Many compost bags have added scents to fend off strong smells.

Make Composting Easy With Labels

Proper labelling is important for preventing compost contamination. Create a compost dos and don’ts list to prevent misuse and make composting easy at the office. You can find a full list of allowable items here.

Empty Compost Bin Daily

Ward off rodents and pests, lingering odours, and food scrap overflow by emptying your office compost bin daily. Investing in a high quality green bin prevents smells from escaping and is more sanitary.

Mix With Paper Scraps

Too much liquid can be a bad thing. Keep liquid to a minimum by incorporating paper, newspaper scraps, or coffee grinds.

Wash Your Compost Bin Regularly

Washing your compost bin is just as important as emptying it (if not more). Moisture build-up and regular use causes smelly odours to linger. Clean compost bins with warm water and dish soap on a regular basis. Mix white vinegar, baking soda, lemon, dish soap, and warm water for hard-to-remove odours. Let the mixture sit and allow ample drying time. Never insert compost bags in a damp bin, as it will hold moisture and enhance stale odours.

Consider Temperature

The temperature of your office can heavily affect unpleasant smells. Warmer temperatures can make summer a difficult time. Turn on the A/C or keep compost bins secured outdoors to prevent foul scents from taking over the office.

Keep it Sealed

Properly seal compost to repel odours, rodents, and pests. If storing your compost bin outdoors, a lockable bin is best to inhibit racoons, mice, rats, and other pests from creating a mess.

Green Office Cleaning Made Easy

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