All businesses require cleaning services. The type of cleaning service needed depends on the type of business. To determine whether your business requires commercial cleaning services, it is important to understand what defines commercial cleaning.

What is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaners clean large-scale, high traffic business facilities. They provide daily cleaning and deep cleaning services like commercial carpet cleaning, commercial window cleaning, office upholstery cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, and exterior pressure washing. Their commercial grade cleaning products, supplies, and equipment are powerful and intended for heavy-duty cleaning.

Common Industries That Need Commercial Cleaning

1. Schools

Schools require regular cleaning and upkeep to maintain their facilities. Janitorial services assist with reducing germs, improving focus, and setting a positive impression for parents, students, and staff.

2. Office Buildings

Office buildings have multiple businesses of all types and sizes. Safety is paramount in buildings with an ample amount of foot traffic. A clean and tidy office building is key to minimizing lawsuits, spreading illness, and creating a presentable space for businesses and their clients/customers.

3. Law Firms

It is important for law firms to set a high cleaning standard, as they regularly have potential clients walking through their doors. A clean law firm can set a positive first impression and make or break winning over a client.

4. Warehouses

Warehouses require thorough cleaning to create a safe environment and keep machinery running in good condition. Floor maintenance, high surface dusting, sanitization, and tidying high traffic areas are crucial for creating a safe and productive warehouse.

5. Churches

Appearance is everything in places of worship. A well maintained church sets a positive first impression, keeps germs away, and helps maintain the sacred space. Daily cleaning services are not always necessary in churches with limited foot traffic. Work with a commercial cleaning company to create a cleaning schedule that works for your business.

6. Daycares

Daycares are breeding grounds for germs. Lack of cleaning can cause an uptick in illness, leading to decreased attendance and parent concern. Children often put unknown objects in their mouth. Eco-friendly cleaning products that are non-toxic are ideal. Frequent sanitization of major touch points can assist in keeping your daycare clean and healthy.

Quality Commercial Cleaning Services in Vancouver

Clean Green Solutions offers industry-leading commercial cleaning services in downtown Vancouver. Their tailored cleaning schedules create a personalized cleaning approach and ensure the best clean possible. No job is too small (or too large) for a commercial cleaning company as experienced as theirs. Looking for special building cleaning services? Clean Green Solutions offers specialty cleaning services for all your commercial cleaning needs. Give them a call to request a quote.