Hiring one-time cleaners when your business needs a quick clean may seem like an ideal solution. The truth is, it can actually be quite time consuming and disruptive. Hours spent researching and interviewing potential cleaners, varying costs, and having to fix mistakes made by inexperienced cleaners can cause more disturbances. Hiring a commercial cleaning company for recurring services prevents inconsistent cleaning quality and can often save time and money.

What is Recurring Cleaning?

Recurring cleaning involves hiring a cleaning company to maintain a commercial space on a regular basis. This service involves an agreement and a daily, weekly, or monthly payment schedule based on your businesses needs. Commercial cleaners who are hired for recurring cleaning services offer a variety of commercial cleaning services in addition to general cleaning. These services include deep cleaning, corporate carpet cleaning, commercial window cleaning, pressure washing/soft washing, and other one-time services that your business may need on an occasional basis.

The Benefits

1. Increased Safety

Safety should be a high priority in a commercial space. The large amount of foot traffic increases the chances of accidents. Having dedicated commercial cleaners can help minimize safety risks and keep your business clean and organized.

2. High Quality Cleaning

One of the most obvious benefits of recurring cleaning services includes quality cleaning. Sending the same cleaning company or cleaning team allows for a more thorough clean and prevents missed cleaning tasks. It allows your cleaners to get acquainted with your space and your needs.

3. Reduces Stress

Hiring a new cleaning company every time you are unhappy with the cleaning quality takes away precious time out of your day. Having to constantly vocalize concerns can be taxing. Recurring cleaning services minimize inconsistency and create peace of mind. Knowing your business is in the hands of trained cleaning professionals can put your mind at ease and reduce unnecessary headaches.

4. Minimizes Illness/Allergies

A clean environment is a healthy one. Increased allergies and illness cause lack of focus and absenteeism, minimizes productivity, and decreases employee morale. Recurring cleaning services helps keep bacteria and germs at bay. Choosing an eco-friendly commercial cleaning company creates better air quality and reduces exposure to harmful or toxic chemicals.

5. Maintains Your Space

Keep your business in pristine condition for years to come. Recurring cleaning services maintain a commercial space to the highest quality, reducing the need for replacement. This creates long-term savings.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Office or Commercial Building cleaning is essential if you want to keep your Vancouver property in great condition and make sure that your workers do not catch allergies and illness caused by dirt, dust, and other particles.”

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