Covid-19 led to the introduction of many new cleaning standards and recommendations for added protection. One of these recommendations included “dwell time”. Although this term has been around for many years and is commonly referenced on cleaning product labels, it is only just being popularized now.

Dwell Time Explained

Dwell time refers to the recommended amount of time a disinfectant needs to sit on a surface to disinfect effectively. Not all disinfectants are alike. Dwell times vary from product to product based on their potency and ingredients. A typical dwell time can range anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes.

The Importance of Dwell Time

After hours office cleaning makes cleaning and disinfecting safer and more efficient. It allows for ample dwell time, minimizes exposure to strong disinfectants, and creates a more efficient clean. Sufficient dwell time prevents the spread of bacteria and illness and guarantees a healthier workplace.

Where to Locate Dwell Time Information

Almost all commercial cleaning products will mention dwell times on the back of cleaning products. If cleaning product labels are worn out or not legible, it is best to do a simple online search, as most cleaning product labels can be found online.

Disinfecting vs. Sanitizing

Sanitization and disinfection are often mistaken for one another; however, both cleaning processes vary in purpose. Disinfecting kills germs and bacteria from surfaces. Sanitizing reduces the amount of bacteria and germs on surfaces, but does not guarantee killing or eliminating them. Cleaning is an important first step before sanitizing and disinfecting.

Office Sanitization/Disinfection Services

There are a variety of methods to eliminate bacteria and germs, minimize the spread of illness, and reduce workplace outbreaks. Use disinfectant wipes, disinfectant spray, or Electrostatic Disinfection to disinfect the office. These three methods of disinfection are beneficial for creating a healthy work environment with fewer sick days.

Professional Office Cleaning You Can Trust

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