Improved cleaning practices and continued vigilance is important as we head into the future, post-pandemic. We have seen the astounding benefits of frequent cleaning and thorough sanitization/disinfection, and continue to learn more about effective cleaning practices, as cleaning continues to be a priority. Ensure your cleaning doesn’t fall through the cracks again. Establish a healthy environment for your employees, clients, and guests with a sound cleaning schedule.

Quality Matters

Before the pandemic, it was common for businesses to choose a cleaning company based on their budget. If a business had a low budget, they often had to compromise on the quality of their cleaning services. Although the budget is still at the forefront for many businesses, quality now outweighs the price. Businesses are now hiring office and commercial cleaners for recurring cleaning services rather than one-time cleaning, increasing their cleaning frequency and investing in top-notch sanitization methods such as Electrostatic Disinfection or ULV Fogging.

Clean Often

Cleaning on a weekly or bi-weekly basis is no longer effective. Periodic cleaning is not frequent enough to maintain and protect a high-traffic workplace. Instead, many businesses are opting for daily cleaning services. In between professional cleans, clean high touch points, implement good hygiene practices, and clean throughout the day or after use.

A Focus on Environment

Strong cleaning products aggravate allergy symptoms and cause respiratory illness, skin and eye irritations, headaches, and asthma. Many businesses are switching to eco-friendly office cleaning companies to reduce their exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals, and enhance employee health and wellbeing.

Disinfect to Protect

Sanitization and disinfection is the number one solution for combating viral airborne illnesses and is an immediate and preventative protective measure. Sanitization should include hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, disinfecting spray, and Electrostatic Disinfection or ULV Fogging.

Improved Air Quality

Air quality has played a massive role in the spread of Covid-19. Small, enclosed spaces with poor ventilation allow viruses to easily spread, causing workplace outbreaks and increased illness and allergies. Many businesses are creating better air circulation by regularly maintaining their HVAC system, letting fresh air in, switching to green cleaning products, and incorporating portable HEPA air purifiers.

Quality Cleaning You Can Trust

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