Disinfectant wipes are great for cleaning high touch points and most surfaces. They are quick and easy to use, highly effective when paired with cleaning, and are ideal for many types of hard surfaces. What you probably didn’t know is that there is a right and wrong way to use disinfectant wipes. Here’s what you need to know to effectively clean surfaces.

Use One Wipe Per Area

Most people think it is okay to use a single wipe until it dries out. Doing this allows the spread of bacteria and germs to spread from one area to another by cross-contamination. A better method is to use one wipe per area. For example, if you are cleaning the office kitchen countertop, you should grab another wipe when cleaning the lunch room table.

Don’t Oversaturate

When close to the bottom of the container, disinfectant wipes can be oversaturated in disinfectant solution. It is necessary to wring out the wipe before using to prevent over-saturating surfaces, especially delicate ones. Never use oversaturated wipes on electronics. This can cause electrocution or damage the electronic device. We will cover more on this later.

Let It Air Dry

All disinfectants require dwell time for disinfecting to be effective. Dwell times vary by brand, so it is key to read labels. Most dwell times are between 30 seconds and 10 minutes.

Clean First

Disinfecting is not successful without cleaning first. Cleaning before disinfecting removes dirt and debris and allows for a more thorough clean. Cleaning involves using soap or detergent to remove germs and dirt from surfaces. Disinfecting is the process of using a disinfecting solution to kill germs on surfaces after cleaning has been completed. It is considered a second layer of protection.

Do Not Put in Toilet or Green Bin

Global warming is a growing issue. Reducing toxic waste/pollution and reducing our environmental impact is important for keeping the planet in good health. Disinfectant wipes do not easily break down or degrade, which is why they shouldn’t be disposed of in the green bin or flushed down the toilet.

Stay Clear of Electronics

Electronics should be avoided when using disinfectant wipes. These delicate surfaces can be permanently damaged by oversaturation or the use of strong chemicals. The best way to disinfect electronics is to unplug them and wipe down with a touchscreen-safe disinfectant spray and a microfibre cloth. As mentioned earlier, oversaturation can cause damage, so it is important to use a small amount of disinfectant.

Follow Labels

When in doubt, follow disinfectant wipe labels. The labels will include proper use, dwell time, ingredient information, and safety hazard info.

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