Keeping an office neat and tidy can be tricky without a professional office cleaning company or the right tools. At Clean Green Solutions, we understand that office cleaning is no easy task, which is why we have incorporated office cleaning checklists into our client’s daily cleaning schedules. Our customizable office cleaning checklists are tailored to your business, sets a high cleaning standard, prevents missed cleaning tasks, boosts productivity, and creates a safe workplace.


Tailored to You


Office cleaning companies in Vancouver can be competitive and vary by their specialties and cleaners. We pride ourselves in offering exceptional customer service. We accomplish this by offering in-person walkthroughs to provide a more accurate estimate, create tailored cleaning schedules based on your individual needs, and our cleaners communicate directly with you to ensure your business is always satisfied.


Creates a High Standard


Cleaning standards differ from business to business, and no business’ needs are ever the same. An office cleaning checklist sets a high cleaning standard for your business and prevents an office from looking neglected. A high cleaning standard forces employees to have better hygiene, organization, and cleanliness. A messy office is a safety hazard and decreases employee productivity.


Prevents Missed Cleaning Tasks


Missed cleaning tasks can be extremely frustrating. Having an office cleaning checklist will allow your office cleaners to never miss a cleaning task by following a set list of tasks that they can check off as completed. This will prevent unnecessary stress and miscommunications, which in return, will give you more time to focus on critical work.


Boosts Productivity


Cleaning and productivity go hand-in-hand. Prevent lack of focus and stress by cleaning on a regular basis. An office cleaning checklist will help your office cleaners stay on task and create a healthier workplace.


Creates a Safe Workplace


Cleaning can often be a secondary task for office employees. There are certain cleaning tasks that must be completed for safety purposes like checking for spills, thorough sanitization, or organizing clutter on the floors. With an office cleaning checklist, you can avert safety hazards and reduce workplace injuries.

Enjoy your office cleaning experience with our personal approach and attention-to-detail. You won’t experience another office cleaning company in Vancouver like us! Visit to learn more about our office cleaning services or to request a free quote.