Times and safety measures continue to change, and for some these measures may be more confusing than ever. With the stakes as high as they are, and the variants now floating around, it is still important to keep our workplace kitchens COVID-safe.

It is clear by now that things are done differently than they were before to keep your staff members safe from infection. In businesses that serve the public, like restaurants, or in any office setting where people converge from other locations, keeping things clean and protected remains job #1.

No doubt you’ve made some major adjustments already, like controlling the points of contact of your staff and their interaction with the public, limiting the number of staff members on-site, maybe preventing the practice of “hotdesking,” or implementing a more thorough and regular cleaning regimen. If so, those are all good moves to make.

Keeping everyone separated as much as possible is still a good idea. Some offices have simplified this greatly but decided that their kitchens should be closed. Others are keeping them open. If you are an office that is keeping their kitchen open, we have some helpful additional measures that you can take.

Keeping it Safe and Clean

We offer some helpful measures you can take, specific for maintaining a workplace kitchen.

Establish Limits to Kitchen Capacity

This is largely dictated by the size of your kitchen. But even in a large space, cross-contamination can be a factor. Since we are determining that most or all the transmission is airborne, many offices are operating with policies that dictate that no two people should occupy the kitchen space at the same time.

Sanitizing Stations

Hand sanitizing stations should be set up at the entrance and exit of the kitchen, ensuring that only clean hands are allowed in the kitchen.

Communal Protocols

Make sure your facility mandates are universally understood and post them for everyone to see. These communal protocols should include washing hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap before and after kitchen use, wearing masks and setting up barriers between staff and customers to block airborne particles, and having easily available antibacterial wipes to use on all surfaces that are contacted.

Limit Kitchen Activity

It may be easier if the use of your office kitchen facility is limited. Encouraging staff to bring cold lunches to work for now and limiting the use of “high-touch” equipment like the refrigerator, microwave, and oven, are good measures.

Clean Thoroughly and Regularly

Increasing your kitchen’s cleaning requirements and routine is an important part of prevention. In addition to a regular schedule, consider adding special situation cleaning after high traffic times. Work with your cleaning company to develop a plan.

Contact Clean Green Solutions

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