Electrostatic Disinfection has been increasing in popularity since the start of the global pandemic. With new technology, there is always some hesitancy and skepticism as to whether these new methods are actually effective. We are here to tackle the common Electrostatic Disinfection myths to help you make an informed decision.


Myth 1: Electrostatic Disinfection alone will create a safe office or commercial space


This is not true, as no single cleaning method is truly effective on its own. Electrostatic Disinfection is advantageous when cleaning and dusting is completed prior to sanitizing. Cleaning and dusting remove the dirt and debris that disinfectant cannot penetrate. Cleaning does not kill the germs; it will only remove them or lessen the amount. Once the majority of the germs are removed, Electrostatic Disinfection kills the leftover germs.


Myth 2: Electrostatic Disinfection is harmful and toxic


This myth can be deceiving, as the disinfecting solution being used is what determines whether it is harmful or toxic.


At Clean Green Solutions, we use eco-friendly cleaning products, even when it comes to Electrostatic Disinfection. Our hospital-grade, eco-friendly sanitizer allows our cleaners to disinfect without harming health or the environment. Electrostatic Disinfection is safe to use on all types of surfaces including plants, electronics, fabrics, and other delicate surfaces.


Myth 3: Surfaces do not need to stay wet for a period of time to be fully sanitized


When it comes to Electrostatic Disinfection, it is necessary that the disinfectant coats and remains wet on all surfaces for an allotted amount of time to ensure successful sanitization. The dwell time depends on the sanitizer being used. It is important to refer to cleaning product labels.


Myth 4: Electrostatic Disinfection does not require PPE or training


Even though our hospital-grade, eco-friendly sanitizer is non-toxic, Electrostatic Disinfection still requires proper PPE. This includes gloves, protective clothing, safety goggles, as well as a face shield or mask. Our cleaners have been trained on cleaning touchpoints, proper use of PPE, use of eco-friendly cleaning products, and cleaning equipment. Without extensive knowledge, Electrostatic Disinfection could cause harm.


There are many factors to consider when completing Electrostatic Disinfection in an office or commercial space. When done correctly, it can be beneficial and reduce the risk of workplace outbreaks. In order for Electrostatic Disinfection to be effective, cleaning should be done prior to sanitizing, the correct disinfectants should be used, and disinfection should be completed on a regular basis in between cleans.


Enjoy a safer workplace without the stress of wondering whether your office has been thoroughly cleaned. Hire our team of professional office cleaners to help you tackle Covid-19 with our wide range of eco-friendly office cleaning services in Vancouver. Our experienced cleaners follow health and safety guidelines and use only top-rated green cleaning products. Visit www.cleangreenvancouver.ca for more info or call (604) 644-8540 to book a free estimate today!


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