Office kitchens are the perfect breeding grounds for rodents and pests. Fruit bowls, old food scraps, and neglected crumbs are a few of the many appealing edible items that can be found in an office kitchen. Regular cleaning is a preventative measure that minimizes rodent and pest infestations. Building maintenance is another beneficial measure for fending off critters from finding entry points into your workplace. Here’s what you can do to keep rodents and pests out of your office kitchen.

Take Out the Garbage/Compost Regularly

Garbage and compost bins create unpleasant odours, which can be appealing to rodents and pests. Office spaces range in size, and can have a large number of garbage bins. Forgetting to empty a bin under a desk or not cleaning up after a food or drink spill can lead to lingering critters. Keep unwanted guests away by taking out the garbage and compost on a regular basis, and discourage employees from throwing out food in their personal garbage bins.

Vacuum Floors

It can be tricky to see crumbs on certain types of commercial floors. Carpets tend to hide food and drink spills much easier than smooth surfaces. No matter the type of office floor, vacuuming is advantageous, requires little effort, and ensures tiny morsels of food aren’t left behind for rodents and pests.

Put Dirty Dishes Away

Offices need a hygiene policy that includes putting dishes away after use. This includes removing mugs and dishes off of employee desks and keeping dirty dishes out of the office kitchen sink. Although there may not be any visible remnants of food or liquid, dirty dishes are enough to attract critters.

Don’t Leave Food Out Overnight

This one may seem obvious, but it is a common occurrence when cleaning office spaces. Fruit bowls, home baked goods, and other snacks and treats are great to have at the office, but it is important to properly store them. Mesh or plastic food covers, dry storage containers, or Tupperware are all ideal options to cover snacks overnight.

Inspect Cabinets

Rodents and pests love warm, dark spaces. Pantry moths are one of the worst kitchen critters, as they can get into anything and lay their eggs. Inspect under the office kitchen sink and inside pantry cabinets and drawers from time-to-time to prevent infestations.

Conduct Inspections

There are a variety of rodent and pest signs to look out for. A few sure signs that your workplace may be invaded include stale odours, bite marks, fecal droppings, nests, and holes in walls or floors.

Keep Windows/Doors Closed

It can be tempting to keep windows and doors open for fresh air. Be weary of this though, as rodents and pests can easily enter. Installing bug screens on windows and sliding doors is a favourable way to prevent unwanted guests from finding access points into your workplace.

A Clean Office is A Healthy Office

Create a space for your employees that is safe, presentable, and productive. Contact us to improve the cleanliness of your Vancouver office space!