Looks can be deceiving. Your workplace may appear to be clean from afar, but there are cleaning tasks that often get overlooked. All businesses need an office cleaning checklist to prevent missed cleaning tasks and ensure a thorough clean. When hiring an office cleaning company, ensure they create a cleaning checklist on day one. When a cleaning company is newly on-boarded, it is a good idea to highlight areas of focus that require extra attention-to-detail, as it can take time for your office cleaners to get accustomed to your workplace. Here are some of the top neglected areas to ensure do not get missed on your next clean.

Light Fixtures & Ceiling Fans

Cleaning of light fixtures and ceiling fans is not as frequent, especially in offices that have high ceilings. This is because high surface dusting is not easily accessible without a ladder or lift. Dust accumulation has negative affects on cleanliness, health, and safety. It also reflects neglect when it comes to your business.

Window Sills

In Vancouver, the wet climate causes window condensation. A lack of maintenance of windows, frames, and sills leads to increased mould and mildew growth. Black mould is common in Vancouver offices, which can cause long-term health effects including respiratory illness. Kill mould and mildew on and around windows by using a combination of vinegar and water.


Some baseboards have a deeper lip, making frequent cleaning necessary. Dust and cobwebs can make an office look dirty, even if routine cleaning is performed on a regular basis. Minimize dust mites by cleaning baseboards weekly.

Air Vents

Cleaning air vents is no easy task, but is crucial for good air circulation and preventing allergies and illness. Dirty air vents re-circulate dirt, dust, and debris, which can cause chronic illness and allergies. Tackle dirty air vents by using the crevice attachment on your office vacuum.

Top of the Office Appliances

Office appliances are in shared spaces like office kitchens, reception areas, and lunch and break rooms, which receive ample traffic. Bacteria, germs, and dust thrive on these types of shared surfaces. Prevent sickness and ensure appliance efficiency by wiping the top of office appliances.

Picture Frames

Picture frames are often neglected. There is nothing worse than a picture frame covered in dust or oily fingerprints. It not only creates a bad first impression, but also looks terrible when sunlight hits. Clean picture frames with a dry microfiber cloth to prevent smears and fully remove dust particles.

Partition Walls

Partition walls are increasing in popularity in offices. They are great for creating privacy and reducing illness, but easily show dust and fingerprints. Partition walls can be made from just about any type of material. Glass partition walls need regular cleaning in comparison to fabric ones. No matter your partition wall material, frequent cleaning and/or sanitizing is advantageous.

Whether your business requires one-time cleaning or recurring cleaning services, a professional office cleaning service is imperative. Clean Green Solutions offers a full range of office cleaning services including daily cleaning and deep cleaning for businesses in downtown Vancouver. Request a free quote!