Commercial floor maintenance is important for longevity and creating a good first impression. In the early design stages of a commercial space, it is crucial to select floor materials that will endure wear and tear and require little maintenance. This will reduce cleaning costs and minimize the need for repairs or replacement. Here are some of the best low maintenance commercial flooring options to consider.


Quarry or Ceramic Tiles


Quarry tiles and ceramic tiles are durable commercial flooring options. Although, they are similar, they differ by colour, finish, and durability.

Ceramic tiles come in a variety of styles, sizes, colours, and finishes. They can be used on the wall or on the floor, which makes them a versatile option. Upkeep includes sweeping and mopping, as well as a sealer, depending on the tile finish.

Unlike ceramic tiles, quarry tiles come with few colour options. They are often unfinished and made of red clay. There are a variety options when it comes to shape and size, and they can be uniform or vary from tile-to-tile. Quarry tiles are more durable than ceramic tiles due to being fired at a higher temperature. They do not require a sealer. Sweeping and mopping will do the trick!


Carpet Tile


Soft floor carpet tile is the best option when it comes to repair and replacement, as a square tile can be replaced, rather than the entire carpet. Carpet is cost-effective, ideal for soundproofing, easy to sustain, and is versatile. Vacuuming, carpet cleaning, and spot cleaning are necessary to keep commercial carpets looking new.


Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)


Luxury vinyl tile is a resilient commercial flooring option. Its protective topcoat is water, scratch, chip, scuff, and crack-resistant. LVT comes in a variety of designs that look similar to hardwood, tile, stone, and other flooring materials. A major benefit is their low maintenance. LVT requires a simple sweep and mop.


Epoxy Floors


Epoxy is made by bonding resin with a hardener. The two chemicals produce a heavy-duty material that resembles plastic. Epoxy is poured over concrete, wood, vinyl composite tile, or other types of commercial floors. It has a long lifespan and is relatively cheap to install. The only upkeep required is sweeping, along with occasional deep cleans.


Polished Concrete


Polished concrete requires treating, polishing, and a sealant. Its ability to withstand traffic and wear and tear makes it ideal in a commercial space. This extremely durable office flooring material requires spot cleaning and sweeping, as well as periodic deep cleans.


Rubber Floors


Rubber floors are great for high-traffic areas due to their slip-resistance, soundproof and waterproof capabilities, durability, comfort, and ease of care. Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and spot cleaning is essential to preserve them. Avoid chemicals, as they can damage rubber floors.




Hardwood floors are a favourite! They are classic, timeless, and versatile. Hardwood can withstand a lot of traffic; however, they are susceptible to scratches, scuffs, and water damage. Floor care includes vacuuming, sweeping, mopping with a soft flat-head cloth, and occasionally applying wood floor cleaner.




Laminate is more cost-effective than hardwood. Because it has three layers (sometimes four), laminate floors are comfortable to walk on and are great for soundproofing. Laminate is prone to water damage. Sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, and periodically cleaning with laminate floor cleaner will ensure a long lifespan.

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