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How to Keep Workplace Kitchens COVID-Safe

Times and safety measures continue to change, and for some these measures may be more confusing than ever. With the stakes as high as they are, and the variants now floating around, it is still important to keep our workplace kitchens COVID-safe.

It is clear by now that things are done differently than they were before to keep your staff members safe from infection. In businesses that serve the public, like restaurants, or in any office setting where people converge from other locations, keeping things clean and protected remains job #1.

No doubt you’ve made some major adjustments already, like controlling the points of contact of your staff and their interaction with the public, limiting the number of staff members on-site, maybe preventing the practice of “hotdesking,” or implementing a more thorough and regular cleaning …

Office winter cleaning

Office Cleaning Tips for Winter

Get Your Office Prepared for Winter

Winter is already here. What does this mean to your business? Between tracking in wet or muddy shoes, and bringing in colds and flu, your wintertime office environment can be a challenge at best. Keeping your staff and clients healthy becomes a bigger problem while winter weather rages.

A clean business presents a professional image, but cleanliness is also safer. Winter adds a lot of hazards that warmer months don’t. Slips and falls can happen if you don’t maintain a clean office. Reputation is everything, from clients to potential hires, the shape your office space is in is a big reflection on how you conduct business.

Adding specific tasks to your winter office cleaning to-do list becomes important, but since the cleaning workload is higher during the winter, it is best left for after hours,…

Office cleaning

Tips for A Successful Office Cleaning Experience

The office cleaning industry is very competitive. It can be difficult to tell a good cleaning company from a bad one without ample research, interviews, and in-person walk-throughs. Luckily, we have put together some tips for a successful Vancouver office cleaning experience that will set you up for success.

Create a Detailed Cleaning Schedule

Detailed office cleaning schedules include tasks to maintain sufficient health and cleanliness in an office. These tasks may be based on personal preference or decided on by your Vancouver office cleaning company. Include tasks that are important or require frequent attention. No one knows your office space better than you do, so it is highly beneficial to share your insights right from the get-go.

Schedule a Walk-Through

Walking into a space blind is never a good idea, especially …