Get Your Office Prepared for Winter

Winter is already here. What does this mean to your business? Between tracking in wet or muddy shoes, and bringing in colds and flu, your wintertime office environment can be a challenge at best. Keeping your staff and clients healthy becomes a bigger problem while winter weather rages.

A clean business presents a professional image, but cleanliness is also safer. Winter adds a lot of hazards that warmer months don’t. Slips and falls can happen if you don’t maintain a clean office. Reputation is everything, from clients to potential hires, the shape your office space is in is a big reflection on how you conduct business.

Adding specific tasks to your winter office cleaning to-do list becomes important, but since the cleaning workload is higher during the winter, it is best left for after hours, and to someone else. The extra load brought on by the colder weather is a good time to bring in a professional cleaning company.

Winter Cleaning Tips

Clean and Filter Your Air: Dust build-up is common during the winter months. It has been shown by scientific studies that indoor environments can contain up to five times more pollutants than the air you breathe outside. In many offices, the same air re-circulates day after day. Make sure your HVAC system is cleaned regularly.

Clean Your Environment: During cold and flu season keep bacteria low. Left unchecked, bacteria concentrations can increase over 30 percent every day, bathrooms being the worst. 75% of all tap handles have germs, adding sick days to your bottom line. Antibacterial cleaners are a must during the winter months.

Winter Floors: People track in salt, sludge, and mud. Carpet stains can be a mess. Put down mats in your entranceways so people can wipe their feet before entering. Wet shoes and boots can slip on slick surfaces, like wood or tile.

Exterior work: Ice and snow are hazardous. If you don’t maintain your office outside, you are tracking in snow, ice, and salt to your office. People walking outside of your office are at risk of slipping and falling.

Clean Green Solutions for Winter Office Cleaning

You need expert professionalism more than ever. Our staff signs confidentiality agreements, are bonded and insured and have gone through background checks. During times like this, you need a team that can service any size office meticulously, on a nightly or anytime basis, is punctual and trustworthy, and is a reliable team that listens to your requests and keeps a list of the cleaning tasks. We are a service that uses only environmentally safe detergents because we believe that to create a safe working environment, we shouldn’t use toxic cleaning solutions.

Contact Clean Green Solutions

To stay clean and fresh all winter contact Clean Green Solutions. We don’t base our fees on your needs. We are budget-friendly, conscientious, and reliable. Contact us for a walkthrough, we can identify your unique cleaning needs. We clean, disinfect and sanitize your office during the tough times– wintertime.