The reason why many offices and commercial buildings use carpet tiles is due to characteristics such as strength, replaceability, and acoustical properties. Nevertheless, like any other carpet, the office carpet tile may get worn out through constant use and traffic or even be stained from spills. To ensure that everything is clean and all the dirt and grime are removed from your office carpet tiles, it is recommended that carpet tiles are cleaned regularly. This article focuses on guidelines on when to clean commercial carpet tiles and which methods can be used most effectively.

Vacuum Frequently

The initial thing a person has to do to ensure that their carpets are clean is to vacuum them regularly. Daily, you should vacuum office areas that are more utilized, such as corridors, and other areas that have traffic at least 2-3 times a week, the areas that do not have much traffic. Vacuuming helps avoid the particles to accumulate more in the interior of the fibers where it is a challenge to get them. When cleaning the carpets, you should use a commercial upright vacuum with a rotating brush head to clean deep into the pile. It is essential to clean the floor, floor edges, under the furniture, partitions, and other concealed areas.

Treat the Spills and Stains After They Occur

In any office, regardless of how thoroughly one cleans the floors, there will always be some occasional spills and stains. Immediately address these accidents by blotting the area with a clean cloth. In case of liquid spills, the first step is to absorb the liquid by moping the area using a piece of clean cloth or paper. Cover the stained area lightly with the carpet cleaner power and allow the power to stay on the area for 5-10 minutes. Then, you should dampen a white cloth to blot the area and remove the stain residue. Do not scrub, as this will only smear the pigment across the fibers, spreading the stain and harming the carpet.

Spills and Stains

Hot Water Extraction with rinsing and extraction of the carpets and rugs

However, it is recommended that office carpet tiles undergo routine cleaning through vacuuming and spot cleaning but require professional deep cleaning by the hot water extraction method. This process is widely known as steam cleaning and involves the use of powerful equipment installed in a truck that sprays the cleaning solution into the carpet at high pressure. The solution and loosened soil particles are then rinsed directly into the truck’s holding water tank. Carpet tiles should be cleaned with a deeper clean every 12-18 months in areas that are heavily used, and areas with lighter traffic should be cleaned less frequently, ideally over two years or more.

Pre-treat Heavily Soiled Areas

In order to enhance the effectiveness of hot water extraction cleaning, pre-treat areas that are likely to get stained frequently, especially those areas that experience a lot of traffic, such as corridors and halls, with a carpet shampoo solution. It is advisable to use a hand pump garden sprayer for the application of the pre-treatment solution on tiles, intersection of ceiling/floor, doors, and walls. Allow the solution to remain on the carpet for 5-10 minutes before the carpet cleaner starts doing the cleaning job.

Extract Cleaning Solution Completely

The primary characteristic of proper steam carpet cleaning is that the operator removes soap residue left on the fabric. The professional carpet cleaners utilize equipment which is designed to suck almost 100% of the solution that has been applied. When you hire carpet cleaning machines, it is essential to go through a product specification guide and use only those machines that guarantee 100% extraction. Getting to the process also needs to be done in the right pace and cleaners should not rush through the process since this might lead to moisture being trapped in the carpet backing or tiles.

Let the Tiles to Dry Right before Using

When using hot water extraction cleaning, it is essential for carpet tiles to be allowed sufficient time to dry before traffic is put on them or chairs and furniture are rolled over them. The time taken for tiles to dry depends on the level of humidity and the amount of air circulation the place allows, but it usually takes about 4- 6 hours. You can facilitate drying by lowering the thermal sensor and turning on the fans, and they advised to sometimes flip the tiles over to observe that the backs are dry. Before tiles are back in use, the underlayment should not be felt wet.

Tiles to Dry Right before Using

Contract with a professional Commercial Cleaning Company

If you do not manage the facilities services yourself, the only way to guarantee your office carpet tiles are likely to be serviced correctly is by hiring a professional business cleaning company that offers services for floor coverings. Experienced companies know how their industry works and have access to the correct commercial-grade equipment, solutions, and staff to clean tiles thoroughly while adhering to all COVID precautions. They can do service at specific intervals agreed upon between the two parties and can also show up for touch-ups where needed or where agreed upon. This helps minimize the burden of having to maintain carpets from office administrators and employees while they concentrate on their respective responsibilities.