Covid-19 has created a constant limbo for businesses. Ever-changing regulations have forced many employers to reconsider working from the office and opt for a hybrid work schedule or work from home. Creating a cleaning schedule that is flexible, effective, and frequent enough to keep up with the fluctuating amount of foot traffic can be difficult. One thing we know for sure is that surfaces and high touch points require extra attention-to-detail to prevent workplace outbreaks. We have put together an enhanced office cleaning checklist to help your business combat Covid-19.

What Are High Touch Points?

Surfaces that are frequently touched by hands and easily spread viruses are known as High Touch Points (HTPs) or high touch surfaces. High touch points differ by business. It important to modify your own high touch point cleaning checklist to include areas that are specific to your business.

Best Practices For Cleaning High Touch Points

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is an essential safety practice. Daily office cleaning services, frequent disinfection of high touch surfaces, and office deep cleaning is necessary to prevent the spread of viruses, and ensure all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned.

Enhanced Office Cleaning Checklist

These high touch points require extra attention when cleaning.

  • • Handrails
  • • Elevator Buttons
  • • Faucets
  • • Doorknobs
  • • Light Switches
  • • Handles
  • • Phones
  • • Keyboards & Mice
  • • Armrests
  • • Shared Kitchen Appliances
  • • Touch Screens
  • • Card Machines
  • • Countertops

Covid-19 Cleaning Tips

High touch point cleaning alone will not keep viruses away. Educating employees on government-recommended cleaning standards, the use of PPE, and the care and use of cleaning products is recommended. Office sanitization/disinfection via Electrostatic Disinfection or ULV Fogging is advantageous. Cleaning should be completed by a professional office cleaning company. For more information on office sanitization, click here.

Our Office Sanitization/Disinfection Services

We have improved our Vancouver office cleaning services to include office sanitization/disinfection. This service includes increased cleaning frequency, sanitizing of major touch points, Electrostatic Disinfection/ULV Fogging, and the use of government-recommended, eco-friendly cleaning products. Whether your office is fully open or working on a hybrid schedule, Clean Green Solutions has the expertise to keep your office clean and green. Schedule a free walk-through with one of our office cleaning experts. They will provide you with a detailed estimate, guaranteed pricing, and will schedule the cleaning around your busy schedule. Look no further! Choose Clean Green Solutions, the leading office and commercial cleaning service in Vancouver, BC!