Many businesses are making the switch to greener practices, as ecological concerns are becoming a rising issue. This includes straying away from plastic, encouraging ride sharing or biking to work, recycling, composting, and switching to eco-friendly cleaning products.

The pandemic has caused business owners to question the effectiveness of eco-friendly cleaning products. We are here to help you better understand eco-friendly cleaning products and encourage you to promote eco-friendly office practices.

Create a Recycling Policy

Sorting uncertainty is one of the biggest reasons employees do not recycle or compost. Reduce the amount of waste by incorporating recycling and compost bins. Have these bins throughout the office to make recycling and composting just as convenient as throwing out trash. Prevent confusion by setting up clear labels on recycling and compost bins.

Go Paperless

Going paperless is a lot easier now with technology advancements. From CRMs to digital signing programs to online payroll and banking, and even business communication platforms. Consider investing in an in-house or outsourced IT company. This will ensure all your files are regularly backed up and secure. Keep in mind, employee training may be necessary for new software.

Add Plants

Plants are a small change that make a big difference. They are highly beneficial for improving air quality and minimizing allergens. Plants reduce stress, improve productivity, encourage focus, and add to the aesthetics of a space.

Switch to Green Cleaning Products

Green cleaning products are readily available at grocery stores, convenience stores, and even dollar stores. The eco-friendly market has gotten more competitive leading to more competitive prices. Many green cleaning products require less product, making them a more cost-effective option. They are less harmful on human health, even after long-term exposure. This is an important factor to consider, as frequent cleaning continues to be a necessity.

Incorporate Sensors

Sensors for lights, paper towel dispensers, sink faucets, and soap dispensers are highly recommended. They minimize touching and reduce the amount of waste. Incorporating sensors requires no effort from employees, making it an easy switch.

Offer Green Incentives

Green incentives are increasing in workspaces. This can include covering the cost of public transportation, discounting monthly parking for carpooling, providing showers and lockers for employees who bike to work, or monthly challenges with awards.

Encourage Green Commuting

Green commuting is popular in workplaces in the city. Walking, biking, public transportation, and carpooling reduces carbon emissions, encourages a healthy lifestyle, and cuts costs on fuel and parking. Amp up the appeal by covering the full amount or a portion of your employee’s commuting costs.

Hire an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company

Do you want to promote health and well being in your Vancouver office? Clean Green Solutions is a Vancouver office cleaning company that uses non-toxic cleaning products and green cleaning practices to reduce environmental impact, and create a safer office space. Reduce allergens and sick days, create a healthy work environment, and minimize wear and tear on your office space. Book your free quote today!