Many parents across Vancouver rely on daycare services not just for early child development, but also for income purposes. During the Covid-19 pandemic, daycares were heavily affected by on-going outbreaks and closures. Strict cleaning and disinfecting practices were implemented to improve safety for children, their families, and childcare providers. These practices included increased cleaning frequency, improved hygiene, enhanced ventilation, and regular sanitization of high touch points. Although there is light at the end of the tunnel, these cleaning practices will continue to remain. Ensure your daycare has a good reputation by using the following tips.

Choose Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals isn’t ideal for anyone, especially for children. Chemical-based cleaning products are hazardous, can trigger allergic reactions, and can lead to respiratory illness. Improve the health and safety of your daycare by swapping out chemical-based cleaning products for eco-friendly ones. Most eco cleaning products are child safe, however, it is beneficial to always read cleaning product labels.

Disinfect Surfaces Often

Children easily spread germs by touching, so it is crucial to regularly disinfect surfaces. This includes tables, chairs, toys, bathroom countertops, doorknobs, play mats, and other shared items. Disinfection can be completed with disinfectant wipes, disinfectant spray, or ULV Fogging. Dwell time is important, so ensure there is ample time for the disinfectant to sit and dry completely. Disinfection can be tough on the lungs. It is good practice to wear proper PPE and complete disinfection when the daycare is empty.

Clean After Use

Regular cleaning throughout the day is necessary for preventing the spread of germs and illness. Cleaning after use will allow your daycare to keep up with cleaning, and create an efficient cleaning process.

Vacuum Daily

Children drop all kinds of things on the floor. Vacuuming not only prevents children from eating foreign crumbs, but also prevents rodents and pests from lingering.

Keep Cleaning Products Out of Reach

Cleaning products are very harmful for children. It doesn’t take much to make a child sick. Ingesting chemicals can lead to serious injuries, illness, and even death. Although green cleaning products are considered safe around children, it is beneficial to store cleaning products in a high, childproof cabinet that can’t easily be reached.

Encourage Hand Washing

Children do not thoroughly enjoy washing their hands, but it is important for reducing illness. Encourage hand washing by incorporating sinks that are lower for easy access. Stay away from hand sanitizers, as it can cause alcohol poisoning due to the high alcohol content.

Create Good Air Circulation

Good air circulation is imperative in a daycare. It minimizes the spread of airborne illnesses and reduces allergens. Whenever possible, crack windows, use fans, or air filters.

Establish A Hygiene Policy

Poor hygiene practices are the number one cause for recurring illness. Lack of cleaning and neglect by childcare providers can cause parents to consider sending their kids to another daycare, and create a negative impression of your daycare’s child minding standards.

At Clean Green Solutions, the health and safety of our staff and customers come first. We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions for all your business cleaning needs. Enjoy a safer daycare with Clean Green! Contact us for a free daycare cleaning quote.