Choosing low maintenance commercial floors that are durable against ample wear-and-tear will reduce cleaning costs and minimize the need for repairs or replacement down the road. Concrete is a hardwearing flooring option. When sealed correctly, it is water, scratch, and stain-resistant. Before cleaning any type of commercial floor, it is critical to spot test and hire a professional commercial cleaning company to prevent permanent damage. Preserve your businesses concrete floors with these helpful commercial cleaning tips.

Remove Debris First

Dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping are an important first step when cleaning concrete floors. Mopping before removing debris only spreads dirt around, making cleaning more difficult.

Use a PH-Neutral Floor Cleaner

Harsh chemicals are not ideal for cleaning concrete floors. They can cause etching, a chemical process that leads to the dulling and dissolving of sealants and finishes present on commercial floors. Clean concrete floors with a mild cleaning solution. Some PH-neutral floor cleaners require dilution, so it is key to read product labels before use.

Avoid Cleaning With Wire Bristle Brushes

Using wire bristle brushes on concrete floors can cause scratching. Opt for stiff bristle brushes or microfibre mop heads for the most effective clean. Commercial automatic floor scrubbers are safe when paired with non-abrasive pads.

Allow Floors to Fully Dry Before Use

Do not oversaturate concrete floors with water or cleaner. Air drying or drying with a wet vacuum ensures a quality clean without footprints and a shiny finish.

Strip & Wax for Added Protection

Concrete floors require periodic sealing to protect them from regular use. Floor stripping and waxing is beneficial for reviving concrete floors, and bringing back their shine. Commercial spaces are large and cannot be easily cleaned by hand. Hiring commercial cleaners is advantageous, as they have access to commercial grade cleaning products and tools to clean more efficiently.

Clean Up After Spills

Commercial floors should not be exposed to liquids for a long period of time, even though they are non-porous. It is crucial to immediately clean up after a spill, as concrete is susceptible to staining. Water-based stains are much easier to remove than oil and grease-based stains; however, there are many commercial cleaning techniques that can be applied to remove most common stains.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Commercial Floors With Regular Floor Maintenance

Regular floor care is paramount for extending the lifespan of commercial floors. At Clean Green Solutions, we know how much your floors can affect the cleanliness of your business and its brand image. That’s why we offer floor cleaning services for all types of commercial floors – from hardwood to concrete, ceramic tile, vinyl, linoleum, and other common commercial flooring materials. Contact our commercial cleaning professionals to assess the health of your commercial floors. We will put together a custom floor cleaning schedule to ensure your floors sparkle and shine. For more information on our floor cleaning services, visit ‘our services’ page on our website.