There are a few different factors that affect the cleaning frequency of commercial windows. These factors include location, type of business, and weather. Every business should have a unique cleaning schedule based on their needs and their environment. These tips can help determine how often your commercial windows should be cleaned.



In a busy city, there is a lot of dirt, debris, pedestrians, car traffic, and pollutants that cause a build-up on windows.

In the suburbs, proximity to trees and birds are a major cause for dirty windows. Sap, pollen, and bird droppings are some of the major culprits.


Type of Business


Every business has different needs based on their environment and foot traffic.

Restaurants – Window cleaning on a weekly or bi-weekly basis will prevent a build up of moisture, grease, and fingerprints that is common in restaurants. Daily spot cleaning will prolong the need for frequent professional window cleaning.

Retail Stores – Retail stores need to set a good first impression for potential customers. A dirty store window could deter customers from entering, and create a negative brand image. Window cleaning is required on a bi-weekly basis.

Healthcare Facilities – Healthcare facilities require frequent, thorough cleaning. Patients judge a healthcare practice by their cleanliness, as they often associate cleanliness with professionalism. Window cleaning is necessary on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Commercial Buildings – Commercial buildings are public spaces that require regular upkeep. Their high elevation minimizes the need for frequent cleaning. Entrance windows and doors should be a focus since they are located on the ground level. The rest of the windows require cleaning every few months.




Climate can affect the longevity of commercial windows. In Vancouver, we have a very wet climate. Rain and snow leave mineral deposits, which cause streaks. In the fall and winter months, window cleaning is important for preventing corrosion and staining. Neglecting leads to permanent damage and costly repairs or replacement.

To protect your commercial windows from wear and tear, prevent permanent damage, and create a good first impression, your commercial space should consider these three factors. A good commercial cleaning company will help you create a tailored cleaning schedule based on your requirements.

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