Everyone has different cleaning habits; however, when it comes to workplace cleanliness, it is important to set a cleaning standard. There are multiple studies that show clutter and disorganization cause lack of focus, reduce productivity, and create avoidance. In addition to unhealthy work habits, a messy office can also heighten our emotions. The human brain can only focus on a limited number of things at once. When a person is surrounded by clutter, it restricts their brain’s ability to process information. This can affect decision-making, instill absenteeism, cause mental exhaustion, and create a halt in personal growth. Prevent added workplace stress by hiring an office cleaning company to keep your office in tip-top shape.


Boost Productivity


Searching for a document on a cluttered desk can cause delays in a workday. It can be especially frustrating before an important meeting. Most people thrive in a clean space because it helps increase focus and concentration. Decrease the chance of losing things by creating a designated place for all items and belongings. To improve productivity, incorporate organizational tools such as filing systems, desk organizers, storage cabinets, and set cleaning standards and rules.


Improve Focus


Distractions are normal, but on-going interruption throughout the day is not. Messy office spaces cause an overwhelm by increasing stress, anxiety, and  avoidance. Long-term effects include reduced productivity, lack of ambition, and increased absenteeism. A clean office space allows the mind to settle and focus on the task at hand.


Enhance Mood


Office cleaning has many physical benefits, as well as emotional benefits. Besides preventing wear and tear, reducing allergens, minimizing injury, creating a positive first impression, and establishing a healthy work environment, a clean office can also prevent negative emotions. Negative emotions in a workplace can lead to dissatisfied employees and lack of ambition, which play a major role in employee turnover. A clean workspace is proven to increase endorphins, which helps minimize pain and increase happiness.


Minimize Mental Exhaustion


Overworking is a common problem in a workplace. Stress, a large workload, disorganization, and lack of vacation time can lead to mental exhaustion. A clean office may not be able to change workload or vacation time, but it can minimize stress. Research shows that workplace surroundings affect employee satisfaction, well-being, performance, and even health

Create a healthier environment for your employees by hiring an experienced office cleaning company.

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