Tips for Combating Cold & Flu Season

Fall is just around the corner. Cleanliness and hygiene are critical with kids back to school and staff returning from summer holidays. During the summer, Vancouver businesses often reduce cleaning frequency due to reduced staff and less foot traffic. Now that summer is ending, it is vital to revisit cleaning schedules and prioritize high-traffic areas such as public bathrooms, boardrooms, meeting rooms, and break rooms. Clean Green Solutions is here to help your business combat cold and flu season with these helpful commercial cleaning tips!

Implement Office Sanitization

Office sanitization and disinfection are essential during cold and flu season. There are various methods of sanitization that our team recommends. All surfaces should be wiped and sanitized throughout the day with disinfectant. When using disinfecting…

office waste

7 Ways You Can Reduce Office Waste

In Vancouver BC, where the Pacific Ocean meets lush forests and towering skyscrapers, businesses are embracing the need for eco-friendly practices. Clean Green Solutions, headquartered in this vibrant city, stands as a pioneering force in transforming the way we view office spaces, waste management, and office cleaning. With a commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious solutions, we have become the go-to provider for office cleaning services in Vancouver.

Office Cleaning Vancouver

When it comes to office cleaning in Vancouver, we understand that maintaining a clean and healthy workspace is essential for the well-being of your employees and the success of your business. Our eco office cleaning services are tailored to meet the unique needs of modern offices, where sustainability is a top priority.

At Clean Green…

How Pressure Washing Can Protect Your Business’s Exterior

Exterior pressure washing is beneficial any time of year. When done correctly, it can extend the lifespan of your business’s exterior. Every season has its challenges when it comes to commercial exteriors. The summer brings added dust, dirt, and debris. Fall and winter call for excessive rainfall, and spring causes unavoidable pollen and sap. Preserve your business’s exterior by pressure washing every six months to a year.

Prevents Deterioration

Exterior surfaces deteriorate and corrode due to exposure to chemicals, moisture, humidity, and other natural elements. Routine commercial pressure washing is beneficial for removing harmful contaminants that create wear-and-tear and preventing staining. Protective solutions can be used on commercial exteriors to help minimize deterioration. Eco-friendly solutions…

Fall Cleaning Tips For The Office Kitchen Pantry

As the weather gets cooler, it is crucial to establish a clean, organized office kitchen pantry to avoid attracting rodents and pests. Maintaining cupboards on a routine basis will make it easier to find food items and prevent expired food from being neglected. Professional office cleaners are experts when it comes to cleaning office kitchens. Their office cleaning checklist system and extensive cleaning experience guarantee thorough cleaning every time. Use these helpful office pantry cleaning tips to help keep your office kitchen organized, sanitary, and pest-free this fall.

Occasional Deep Clean

Deep cleaning is essential for creating a healthy work environment and preventing rodents and pests. Cleaning the office pantry weekly or monthly is an excellent habit, as it reduces the cleaning workload and sets cleaning…

The Importance of Commercial Window Cleaning in the Fall

A well-maintained business exterior is critical in the fall. It prevents exterior damage from winter elements and assists with attracting foot traffic during the slow season. Fall is an ideal time to clean commercial windows because it provides moderate temperatures, minimizes streaks, and ensures spotless windows.

Ideal Drying Conditions

Window cleaning requires certain conditions to be effective. Cleaning commercial windows on a sunny day cause windows to appear dirty, even after washing. Warm temperatures speed up dying time, making streaks and drip marks unavoidable. Cooler temperatures prevent window cleaner and soap from drying quickly and allow ample drying time. Glare in windows can make it challenging to see imperfections on windows when cleaning. Overcast conditions minimize squinting caused by glare…

The Benefits of Fall Commercial Window Cleaning

Summer can cause a build-up of dust, debris, and pollen on commercial windows, making cleaning extra challenging. Routine commercial window cleaning services allow easier cleaning, keep windows clear, improve indoor lighting, and boost employee morale. Window cleaning is no easy task and requires special equipment and tools. Forklifts, ladders, scrapers, pressure washers, tucker poles, and rappel ropes may be needed depending on the height of the commercial building. Keep your commercial windows spotless, avoid potential damage from rain and snow, and prevent safety hazards by hiring professional commercial window cleaners.

Enhance Indoor Lighting

Fall is often dark and rainy in Vancouver. Good lighting makes all the difference for staff, clients, and guests. Ample lighting minimizes slips, trips, and falls …


How Often to Schedule Office Cleaning Services

Clean Green Solutions Can Elevate Your Office Cleaning Service in Vancouver

In the bustling city of Vancouver, where the modern business landscape thrives, the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic work environment cannot be overstated. Office spaces, being the epicentre of productivity, creativity, and collaboration, require consistent upkeep to ensure the well-being of employees and the impression on clients. This is where office cleaning services in Vancouver step in to provide a professional touch, and Clean Green Solutions emerges as a frontrunner in delivering top-notch commercial office cleaning solutions.

Vancouver, a dynamic and diverse city known for its stunning natural beauty and innovative industries, is home to a multitude of businesses ranging from startups to multinational corporations.…

Areas Around the Office to Prioritize Cleaning This Fall

As summer comes to an end, it is vital to start thinking about fall cleaning. Fall is a busy time at the office, as most people are back from summer holidays and return to their regular routines. Daily cleaning is essential during peak flu season and should be prioritized to reduce illness. Many areas around the office require cleaning in the fall. However, there are five that should not be overlooked.

Office Floors

An increase in rainfall is expected during the fall/winter in downtown Vancouver. Wet shoes, coats, and umbrellas can damage office floors and increase the likelihood of water damage. Prevent mould and mildew growth and the need for repairs/replacement by mopping throughout the day and placing mats in high-traffic areas.

Office Windows

Office windows are also susceptible to water damage. Most businesses get their…

The Importance of An Office Cleaning Schedule During the Summer

Summer isn’t the time to reduce cleaning. Establishing a clean, healthy environment for customers and staff throughout the year is essential. An office cleaning schedule is a detailed outline of cleaning tasks to be performed daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. It acts as an office cleaning checklist and helps minimize miscommunication. Because cleaning requirements change with the season, it is beneficial to create seasonal cleaning checklists to guarantee cleanliness no matter the season.

Ensures High Cleaning Standard

A thorough office cleaning schedule provides quality cleaning results after every visit. It prevents missed cleaning tasks and establishes a healthy work environment. It is beneficial to regularly update the schedule as office amenities change, staff increase, or there is an office move/relocation.…

Floor Cleaning

Why Floor Stripping & Waxing Services

The cleanliness, upkeep, and overall aesthetics of a business environment are fundamental components in creating a favourable impression on clients, customers, and guests. Clean Green Solutions has secured its position as one of the preeminent professional office cleaning service providers in Vancouver. With unparalleled proficiency in the sphere of office cleaning, our team leaves no stone unturned to deliver services par excellence. One of our distinct offerings includes floor stripping and waxing, an essential aspect that lends an impressive, polished look to your business premises, effectively distinguishing it from its competition.

Understanding the Concept of Floor Stripping

Floor stripping can be understood as the process of removing the protective coatings that accumulate on the floor over a certain…