Pets are beneficial in a workplace. They boost employee morale, reduce stress, increase productivity, and are known to assist with company retention. Keeping a workplace clean with pets can be difficult without the right tools. Here are some cleaning tips for a pet-friendly workplace.


Create a Pet Policy


Create and review pet policies. Not all pets are alike. They have different personalities, can vary in stage of life, and have different levels of training from owner-to-owner. Decide who is in charge of cleaning, the number of pets allowed, the type of pets permitted, and get approval from the landlord and all staff.


Set the Rules


Pet rules in the workplace are important for reducing distractions, minimizing safety hazards, and preventing workplace damage. Regular floor care including vacuuming and spot cleaning is necessary in workplaces that have carpets. Workplaces with hardwood floors require immediate cleaning after messes and spills to minimize the chances of moisture damage. Create pet-free zones in common areas or areas that have electronics or food. Establish a safe, secure space for pets to prevent them from leaving the workplace.


Be Considerate


Take pet allergies and personal preferences into consideration, as not everyone shares a love for pets. Designate an area in the workplace as a pet-free zone for employees who suffer from mild allergies or for employees who are not comfortable with pets. If someone in the office has severe allergies, pets should be reconsidered.


Clean Up


Frequent cleaning is crucial in pet-friendly workplaces. Pet stain remover, a vacuum, lint rollers, deodorizers, doggie bags, rubber gloves, and waste picker uppers are useful. Spot cleaning is highly beneficial in between professional cleans to prevent permanent floor damage.


Professional Cleaning


Professional cleaning is imperative in a pet-friendly workplace, as pets cause lingering odours. Regular floor maintenance, cleaning, and deodorizing is essential to ensure a clean, inviting space for employees and guests. Professional cleaners are thorough and have extensive knowledge of cleaning products. They have tips and tricks for removing tough stains on carpets, which is advantageous for extending the lifespan of carpets.


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