Your windows are an essential part of your business. Not only do they boost your business’s curb appeal, but can also improve the health and safety of your staff and clients. To prevent recurring damage such as permanent stains and cracks, regular window cleaning should be done on a regular basis.

Many business owners do not realize the health and safety hazards of neglecting their storefront, office or building windows. Some of the major contributing factors to dirty windows include dust, pollen, and mould and mildew.

Mould and mildew occur over time due to window leaks and condensation. They often lead to stains, musty odours, and cause allergies and breathing issues due to lack of cleaning and upkeep. Mould and mildew cannot only grow on windows but can also grow on window sills. Regular dusting and moisture removal will create better air quality, prevent mould and mildew growth, and prevent having to repair or replace your business’s windows.

Regular exposure to elements, such as rain, can cause glass corrosion due to the silicate deposits making the glass more porous. This creates less durability over time, causing the windows to become more fragile. Regular washing and cleaning will ensure the longevity of your business’s windows.

Dirt and grime are a common cause of neglected windows. Through time, the dirt and grime can cause both short and long-term staining and discolouration. If discolouration occurs, no matter how many times the windows are cleaned, they will never return to their original opacity. Since discolouration often creates a yellow tint, your business’s windows may be viewed as dirty.

Productivity plays a major role when it comes to natural light. Dirty windows can filter light from coming in, causing less natural light to enter your business. Lack of natural light can have a negative effect on mood and productivity, so it is crucial that your windows are kept clean.

With Clean Green Solutions, you can rest assured that your business’s exterior will look just as spotless as the interior! We are eco-friendly from start to finish and use high-quality window cleaning solutions that are non-toxic and safe to breathe. We treat your windows with care – never risking damage by trying to rush cleaning or cut corners.

Our commercial window cleaning services are best suited for commercial buildings that are no more than 4-storeys high, as we use both hand squeegees and tucker poles to reach high surfaces and create spotless windows. We are experienced with all shapes and sizes of windows in storefronts, offices, and commercial spaces across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Whatever your window cleaning needs are, Clean Green Solutions will help bring your windows back to life! Call us today and see the Clean Green difference! Request a free quote.


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