Are you happy with your current office cleaning providers? If you answered no, it is time to look into hiring new office cleaners. Changing office cleaners at the start of the year has many benefits. Here are just a few of the many perks.

Service Agreements/Contracts Normally Renew

Most service agreements/contracts renew annually, which makes on-boarding new office cleaners at the start of a year ideal. Review your agreement/contract carefully to ensure you aren’t breaking any terms and conditions. If you haven’t signed an agreement/contract, you may end your cleaning services anytime. This should be a consideration when on-boarding future cleaning service providers.

Start The Year Off With A Clean Slate

Don’t bring bad cleaning habits into 2023. Instead, reflect on the previous year and make any necessary changes. If you had a negative cleaning experience, address your concerns with your current cleaners or hire a new cleaning company. Avoid prolonging the switch, as it encourages poor cleaning habits. Before making any concrete decisions, review what wasn’t working with your current cleaners, so you can share those concerns early on.

Implement Good Cleaning Habits

Reduce poor cleaning standards by implementing good cleaning habits in the New Year. A well-kept office space will help minimize wear and tear and reduce your office cleaner’s workload. Evaluate your office hygiene policy to ensure it is up-to-date and revise as needed. Make sure all staff are aware of the changes and enforce them for successful implementation.

Revisit Company Budgets

Company budgets allocated to cleaning services may vary from year-to-year. A larger cleaning budget will allow your business to spend more on a quality Vancouver office cleaning company, additional cleaning services, or increase the frequency of your cleaning schedule. A reduction may result in reducing cleaning frequency or require switching to cost-efficient cleaning services.

Boost Employee Morale And Productivity

The New Year can be a tough time for office employees. Returning to work after the holidays and a long list of to-do’s decreases employee morale and productivity. A clean office space improves focus and mental health, reduces sick days, and contributes to happier employees. Establish a clean, germ-free office all year round to prevent employee turnover.

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