Quality office cleaning can be challenging to come by, and finding thorough and consistent office cleaners may seem impossible. Complacency is a common problem in the cleaning industry due to low wages, lack of morale, and little to no supervision. Without regular feedback and reviews, cleaning can become lacklustre. Keep cleaning standards high by implementing the following office cleaning tips.

Share Feedback on a Regular Basis

Communication is necessary for creating a positive relationship with your office cleaners. Feedback (whether good or bad) facilitates growth, ensures expectations are met, and contributes to a successful cleaning experience.

Have a Good Understanding of Your Office Cleaning Schedule

Get familiar with the cleaning tasks your office cleaners are performing. This will help you notice when cleaning tasks are missed or areas in your office are overlooked. Review your office cleaning schedule any time there are major changes (ex. company growth, frequent office events/meetings, office relocations etc.) to ensure it still meets your cleaning frequency requirements.

Don’t Ignore Your Office Cleaners

Although office cleaners often clean after hours and are expected to clean behind the scenes, it is ideal to show your cleaners some attention. It makes your cleaners feel like a part of your office team and reduces absenteeism. They are also more likely to show more care and pride when cleaning your Vancouver office.

Be Proactive

Don’t wait until there is a problem. It will only cause more headaches and stress down the road. Address any cleaning concerns as they occur to prevent bad cleaning habits from being a regular occurrence.

Make an Office Cleaning Checklist Mandatory

Offices vary in size. Some office spaces require a basic clean in a short amount of time, and other offices are large-scale and require in-depth cleaning. An office cleaning checklist prevents missed cleaning tasks and creates accountability. It also reminds cleaners of the tasks that need to be completed on each clean without having to use their memory. Require your office cleaners to sign off after each task is complete for best results.

Be Considerate of Your Office Cleaners

Although it is your cleaner’s job to tidy up at the end of each workday, it doesn’t mean you need to make their job more difficult than it already is. Avoid ignoring spills, mixing trash and recycling, or forgetting to notify your cleaners of special events. They will not only be appreciative, but will also be more willing to do a thorough job when cleaning your office facility.

There are plenty of ways to prevent your office cleaners from becoming complacent, but it’s your job to implement them. Clean Green Solutions is like no other cleaning company in Vancouver. They send the same cleaning team for consistency, use a detailed cleaning checklist system, and monitor all email communication between their clients and cleaners to ensure no communication is ever lost. Want to learn more? Here’s what their clients have to say.