First impressions are vital; the last thing anyone wants upon entering a business is to find themselves surrounded by a dirty environment. Implement good cleaning practices to create a more inviting commercial space for your customers and guests. As a business owner, there are many actions you and your employees can take to promote consistent and high-quality cleaning in your commercial space.

Regular Communication

Keeping a business clean will always be a team effort. It is important to communicate regularly regarding cleaning/hygiene standards and expectations with your staff. Everyone should be aware of company hygiene policies and updates to cleaning practices. Regular communication with your commercial cleaners will prevent miscommunications and improve cleaning. Sharing feedback, whether good or bad, helps maintain consistent cleaning. Communication about cleanliness also extends to visitors through simple actions such as placing clear signage and offering consistent directions. 

Cleaning Checklists

Implement cleaning checklists to eliminate poor cleaning services. Establishing a clear guideline of duties prevents missed and/or neglected problem areas. Cleaning checklists are the most successful when used consistently, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. Dividing tasks up by area and level of priority on a checklist will also help give your commercial cleaner clear instructions and expectations when it comes to business cleaning.

Routine Check-Ins

Cleaning demands can evolve, and gaps can form in a business’s cleaning practice if management does not take the time to stay informed. Routine check-ins with your commercial cleaners can help ensure everyone is doing their best to provide a thorough clean. They also ensure cleaner satisfaction and help determine whether the professional cleaning company you hired is a good fit for your business.

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Any business owner is aware of how vital a resource’s time can be. Staying on top of cleaning in a commercial space can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Allow your employees to dedicate more time to more important tasks by delegating your business cleaning needs to commercial cleaning professionals. 

Consistency, coordination, and communication create consistent business cleaning. Incorporate checklists and check-ins and outsource your business cleaning services to commercial cleaning experts to keep things sparkling, without the hassle. Switch to Clean Green Solutions for a positive experience. Call 604-644-8540 and find out how they can help your business!