Sustainability will always be a team effort. Whether it’s small actions such as implementing green cleaning practices, becoming a green-certified business, or supporting charitable organizations that help make the planet green, or big actions, every action has an impact. Being an eco-friendly commercial and office cleaning company, Clean Green Solutions is especially aware of what it can do to help make the world a better place. As a result, they are proud to donate to numerous local charities that help make this goal a reality. One charity they support is the Children’s Miracle Network, on behalf of Costco Canada.

The Children’s Miracle Network

The Children’s Miracle Network raises funds and awareness for numerous hospitals across Canada and other countries around the world. Donations always stay local to help fund critical treatment and healthcare services, purchase medical equipment, and support research. The Children’s Miracle Network believes in revolutionizing treatment and care through research. Clean Green Solutions strongly agrees that the more we know how to prevent and combat illness, even through simple actions such as keeping local businesses clean, the better our world will be. Their team works hard to ensure they are gentle on the environment through the use of eco-friendly products, sustainable practices and goals, and philanthropy.

Why Donate

Donations to the Children’s Miracle Network will support therapies, spaces, and equipment that are specifically designed for kids. Clean Green Solutions understands that in healthcare, just like in cleaning, what works in one situation may not necessarily work in another. Various options will improve the chances of success. Children deserve to have specialized treatments and healing environments designed just for them.

How You Can Help 

Donors help improve access to healthcare for the kids who need it when they need it. Access to the right care in the right place at the right time is important in keeping our communities healthy. By changing a child’s health, we will change the future. 

Getting the community involved by spreading awareness about important causes is just as important as raising funds. Clean Green Solutions is taking steps towards minimizing the impact their business has on the environment. They accomplish this by supporting numerous charities throughout the year and continuously working towards sustainable goals. Are you interested in supporting this amazing cause? Donations are being accepted at your local Costco warehouse, or online. Together, we can all do our part to build a healthier community and planet. 

Work with a commercial and office cleaning company that is making a difference in the world beyond cleaning. Contact Clean Green Solutions to request a free quote for your business today!