A clean office reception or waiting area can make or break first impressions with potential clients and employees. The cleanliness of your office affects whether or not you gain repeat clients, impress job candidates, and plays a major role in employee retention, productivity, and morale. Besides cleanliness, a well-maintained reception area also enhances professionalism and improves safety. Create the perfect ambiance for your Vancouver office by paying extra attention to these crucial spots.

Office Upholstery

Reception and waiting areas withstand an ample amount of foot traffic, which can lead to frequent wear and tear. Office upholstery is susceptible to irreversible damage such as rips, tears, stains, and discolouration. Routine maintenance and upkeep is necessary to revive office chairs to new condition. Upholstery cleaning involves applying a mix of hot water and a cleaning solution to office furniture. A wet vacuum is used to extract the dirty solution, leaving furniture fresh and clean.

Office Floors

Office floors are made from a variety of materials – from carpet to hardwood, tile, vinyl, rubber, and linoleum. Carpets need regular vacuuming, spot cleaning, and carpet steam cleaning to prevent hard-to-remove stains and discolouration. Hard reception floors can be an eyesore and safety hazard. Dull office floors reflect lack of professionalism and neglect. Not cleaning up after spills or wet or muddy shoes can lead to slips, trips, and falls. Prevent negative opinions and workplace injuries by maintaining your office floors with floor scrubbing or floor stripping and waxing.

Glass Surfaces

Guests observe their surroundings when waiting in a lobby or reception area. Fingerprints and smears on glass surfaces can create an unpleasant first impression. Keeping up with cleaning in high traffic areas can be difficult. Have a dry microfibre cloth and an eco-friendly window cleaner behind reception for easy access.

Hard Surfaces

High touch surfaces need regular disinfection to prevent the spread of illness and ensure a healthy environment. Place hand sanitizer in reception and waiting areas to encourage guests to sanitize upon entry. Disinfect hard surfaces with disinfectant spray or disinfectant wipes regularly throughout the day. Hard surfaces include door knobs/handles, tables, chair arms, water fountains, water coolers, card machines, keyboards, telephones, and other frequently touched surfaces.

High Surfaces

High surface dusting is crucial for creating a pleasant ambiance in a lobby or reception area. Light fixtures, ceiling fans, shelves, plants, window sills, blinds, and picture frames are a few common high surfaces that need dusting on a regular basis. A thorough dust can improve indoor air quality and create a healthier workplace.

Office cleaning is extremely advantageous for cleanliness, health, and safety. Create a clean, green office environment for your clients, guests, and employees with Clean Green Solutions’ professional office cleaning services in Vancouver. Visit www.cleangreenvancouver.ca to learn more!