Dust appears in an office during the summer, even after being cleaned. Open windows and doors and frequent foot traffic bring in particles from outdoors, making routine dusting critical during the summertime. Although dust thrives in most areas around the office, five require extra attention.

1. Office Upholstery

Warm, dry air, office pets, periodic cleaning, poor ventilation, and regular use increase dust mites. Lack of maintenance causes dust accumulation on office upholstery, negatively impacting allergies, illness, and air quality. Office chairs require daily vacuuming, spot cleaning, and upholstery steam cleaning to fend off pet dander, mould, and dust mites.

2. Hard Surfaces

Dust can be found almost anywhere in an office but may not be easily visible to the human eye on all surfaces. Although it may seem as though hard surfaces collect more dust, they just make dust visible. Dusty surfaces can make your business appear neglected and deter clients, customers, guests, and job candidates from returning. Keep up with dusting and cleaning to create a lasting first impression.

3. High Surfaces

Air circulates from the top down, and so does dust. Cleaning from the top down will better help eliminate dust instead of recirculating. A microfibre cloth is highly recommended for wiping hard surfaces, as it efficiently traps dust and minimizes spreading. Regularly clean dusting tools to create a healthy workplace and guarantee cleanliness.

4. Office Carpets & Rugs

Due to the heavy foot traffic in an office, eco-friendly carpet cleaning and vacuuming are critical. Office carpets and rugs fall under the upholstery category and quickly accumulate dust. Long pile carpets and rugs capture dust easier than short pile carpets and rugs and can be challenging to clean. A commercial vacuum is necessary to remove debris, pet dander, and dust.

5. Baseboards

Baseboards are often overlooked when cleaning but can significantly affect a workplace’s cleanliness and brand image. The easiest, most-effective way to clean baseboards is to wipe them with a damp, microfibre cloth. It ensures no dust, dirt, or debris is left behind. Most commercial vacuums feature different brush heads, which can also be handy when cleaning baseboards.

6. Detailed Office Cleaning in Downtown Vancouver

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